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Friday, November 03, 2006

Clinton: The Real Rock Star in Milwaukee for Doyle and the Dems

My daddy and I went together to the rally this after noon in Milwaukee. It was so exciting! Thousands showed up for a chance to rally the Wisconsin Dems to Victory with special guest, Bill Clinton.

I thought people were psyched to see Barack earlier this week. Everyone calls him the new rock star of the Dem Party. Our future. Our hope.

The funny thing is, Mick Jagger will always draw a bigger and more excited crowd than Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance-I had to consult my 15 year old daughter...LOL...too much politics, not enough music) and have a longer play list. The fact is that although I've totally drunk the Obama kool aid, I'll always be a Clinton groupie. Hope is one thing, but KNOWING is another.

Bill Clinton is the original Rock Star of the Democratic Party and he put on a show for us tonight. The crowd was electric. I can't think of another way to put it. I literally have not seen that many excited people since the last Stones show I went to. People were literally squealling and jumping up and down in the lines as they waited to get in... I am still on an adreline high 7 hours later.

Here are some pics for the night:

Mayor Tom Barrett, Vel Phillips & Tiffany Koehler

Bill and Jim

Gus and Jessica Doyle w/ Bill

The famous lip bite, ahhhhh.

4th time across stage to shake hands.

The closest I got and right after he shook my hand.

I have a TON more and even some video clips. Maybe I'll post them after the election. Too much to go through them now.

Favorite moment. A few minutes before the show started, they played The Twist. Most of the crowd got up and danced inspired by two SUPER excited groups of young students. The room was electrified for an hour straight before the program began and then these students couldn't take it anymore and took us higher!! The exuberance of 100 young people at a political event in an off election year gives me so much hope, I really can't even describe the joy.

Kathleen Falk and Barbara Lawton were fabulous. I gotta say, Kathleen is best when she's relaxed and today she was just relaxed and comfortable like she is when we are hanging out together. Her smile was natural and she glowed on stage. How hard is it for a woman in politics still in this world? Just because you have a heart and soul, the other side tries to paint you as soft, so you project a tough exterior and the other side rips you apart for not having a soul. We women though, don't ever underestimate us. We invented the term "Tough Love" and every man in this world has a bit of healthy fear of his mother.

Somehow, this incredible woman, Kathleen Falk, has taught us ALL a lesson. Women CAN show both their tough strong and smart side and do it with a sense of humor and a down home Milwaukee feel that make her just perfect to be our next Attorney General. The crowd loved her. Wisconsin needs her. Let's all put strong, tough, smart and real on our ballots Tuesday instead of mean, nasty and Mr. "even though I don't believe in the ___ law I'll uphold it" (he said this 8 times by my count in the last debate I attended...are there any laws in this state he DOES agree with???)

Barbara cracks me up. She is always perfect. Perfect hair, make up. Sweet calming voice. We called them Nancy North Shores when I was growing up. Don't let the voice fool you though. She is tough as nails and smart as hell. She is just the coolest, most down to earth woman I know. NO ONE in this state fights for women and children like Barbara. She has redefined the Lt. Gov's office to be one of organizing, coordinating and accomplishing things no one could have envisioned coming from what was a traditionally "figure head" office. No one in that position before has ever recognized and utilized the power of the bully pulpit like Barbara Lawton. Losing her in that office would truly be devastating to the state. What a great team she a Jim make!

My favorite lines of the night were Gwen telling us that "even though the ship is sitting on the dock of the bay, we can all get on board on Tuesday, and sail out of this mess and on to the land of hope". She was the preacher and had the crowd on their feet. Wow! She can really fire up a crowd. What a great speech that was!

Biggest surprise: Again, Herb gave just a surprisingly great speech. I always think of him as shy and quiet, but I spoke with him for a few minutes afterward, and that's why I think that...he IS shy and quiet. Get him on a stage though and man it's like plugging in a new computer. You just have no idea how exciting it's going to be until the screen lights up and you start exploring all the new stuff.

Surprised it took so long: Jim's voice is nearly gone, but he seems excited, full of optimism and ready to take on this weekend with all he has left. He spoke with the confidence and realness of a Governor. I was proud tonight that he runs my state. Let's keep it that way!

Biggest disappointment: Bryan Kennedy was not on stage. I don't know why. He was mentioned by name by several people including a rousing endorsement by Clinton. I just wish he had been able to participate. Thanks to all who mentioned him and his race! A lot of us from the North Shore were there today. We've worked hard for Bryan for 4 years now and he is truly our hope. Two more years with Temperbrenner would be hell...

Cool: Steve Kagan way up in Green Bay was mentioned several times also! Clinton stressed how important it was for Steve to get elected.

Bottom line: The Dems know how to throw a party. All are welcome to join us! We are going to take back our country in 78 hours! Get on our boat! Swim right up to it until election day and climb on in when you get in that polling booth. We have plenty of room. Ride the tide. We accept all who want to climb aboard and once you're on board, we all can get to work together to build a truly great country.
(Sorry Gwen, no exact words, so I paraphrased you again. You rock!)

Favorite lines from Bill:

  • "If you are a fiscal conservative, you HAVE to be a Democrat."
  • "Stop and think is NOT cut and run" (This brought the crowd to their feet cheering until hoarse.)
  • "When you dig yourself into a hole, quit digging."

Well, America, time to quit digging and stop and think. You have 76 hours and then GO VOTE. Don't think you will probably vote, don't think I hope I have time. Make time. Your employer must give you up to 3 hours (without pay) to exercise your right to vote if you ask in advance. No excuses. This is the most important election in your lifetime.


And while you are at it, the way Wisconsin gets into these messes with a state legislature that puts hatred, discrimination, death and vengence in our laws, our constitution and on our ballot is that we have the largest "drop off" voter population in the country. What does that mean? Well for some reason, we only vote every four years during a Presidential election. Something like 75-80%. In an off election year like this one we only tend to vote around 30-50%.

Pretend this is a Presidential year!!!! Vote like this is a Presidential year!!! Don't let these crazy people steal seats in the state legislature and congress because they run the craziest people when they KNOW you won't go vote at all!!! Call 20 friends on election day. Even if you think they will vote and MAKE SURE!!! We can all make those calls on election day. We can all pick up a friend or loved one on the way to vote ourselves.

Here's your script!

"Hey, just touching base with you. Are you planning to vote today? What time? Do you need a ride? Do you want me to watch your kids while you go? Do you know anyone else who needs help to vote?"

This is our democracy ONLY if we speak up. Voting is our most fundamental right AND responsibility as Americans. Voting is our most effective voice!

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