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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Milwaukee Judge Reports Voting Machine Problems

Milwaukee Judge Valerie Hill reported this morning that she had significant problems with the new voting machine in her Central City ward this morning on 1290 WMCS.

The machine wasn't on, the Chief Inspector didn't know how to use it or the cell phone to call the Election Commission to get help. Once they got it turned on and she voted, the machine reported an error and she called the Election Commission to find out what to do next. The EC told her that her ballot was marked and she should just let it be. She wasn't convinced so she called back, they then found someone who could help, and when the ballot came out of the machine, it wasn't marked.

She then decided to hand mark a ballot and that after 35 minutes of messing around with the machine, it took her 30 seconds to vote.

They turned off the machine until a tech could come out and solve the problems.

Victoria Toliver the chief of the Milwaukee EC was on the show and stated she would personally go out and make sure the machine was working properly.

Wisconsin requires a paper trail. Most precincts do have ballots that can be hand marked, but use machines to count and electronically mark ballots for the disabled. Val chose to use the electronic machine because she was told she'd be the first to ever use it.

Thank God Val made that decision and stuck with it to trouble shoot the problems.

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