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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To My LGBT Friends and Family

Although we have lost this battle, we knew we were in it for the long haul to win the war. It took over 75 years for African Americans to win full marriage rights in this country (well, unless they are gay and then they still don't have them) and I expect this battle to go on as we find creative ways to ensure that all of us have the full rights granted to majority.

I still have faith and you should also. I will not give up this fight for the rest of my life.

I think one of the most telling things about this election is that people lied to the pollsters. They actually told them they were voting no because of their inherent gut feeling that a yes vote was bigoted and they could not admit that to even a stranger on the phone. They still showed their bigotry in the end, but know this. If they hadn't been ashamed of it, they would have been straight about it in the first place.

This is our starting point. We need to find those who were somewhere deep down ashamed, and so lied publicly about how they planned to vote. We need to find their humanity and inspire them to join us in this fight.

The rest of the country voted on this in the last 2 years or so and the vote averaged 71%. We have found a way to talk to 12% of the electorate in Wisconsin that no one has been able to reach nationwide and we won that discussion with them.

As more and more people have rights taken away because of these amendments, I believe public sentiment will sway and at some point, maybe not so far away as it seems today, we will then be able to have a real conversation about humanity that will resonate with the general public.

To those of you who voted yes, I understand. Many of you were confused, many of you were afraid, many of you were lied to and manipulated by the people you trust most, and some of you just have pure hatred or meanness, and that's something our society needs to resolve.

I will pray for you. I will pray for my friends who were rejected yesterday by their friends family, neighbors and most importantly the legislators who used this issue to drive votes to their candidates. That did not work and in fact may have backfired, but the fact remains. We must in society find a way to love each other as God made us, not as someone thinks he should have made us.

I have had the pleasure of being married to my husband, raising 3 children with him and never worrying about the government's sanction of it for 18 years. Someday my friends, family and neighbors will have that same protection.

Someday, we will ALL overcome.

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