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Friday, January 05, 2007

Guest New Blogger - Wingnut Prophet

I so enjoyed this post from a friend of mine and new blogger that I asked and received permission to repost it. It's from January 3rd and sorry, not up to reformatting (putting back in the paragraphs etc) for readability today so if you want it in it's original format go to Wingnut Prophet's new blog and check it out.

Welcome to the blogosphere C! Rae

Today is an important day... The Beatles first television appearance in England Jan 3,1963... and the Beatles last recording, I Me My, today 1969. Today, Gerald Ford was laid to rest in Grand Rapids, Michigan... a few blocks from my brothers new home. The small community of Grand Rapids was inundated by citizens honoring this man. The eulogies given by Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger praised him for "healing " a nation in the wake of political and military scandal... Ironic that it was these men and BushSr who stood in the shadows of Nixon and were spared criminal penalty by the Pardon only to descend deeper into their abuse of power though their roles in the transitional government of Gerald Ford and then by manipulation and collusion with Iran to hoist Ron Reagan into office by holding the hostages til Reagans Inauguration. Beyond Reagan, BushSr and now his son continue to front these men and their crimes. Today they have single-handedly turned this nation into an imperial dynasty. It was President Ford who gave them the keys to undermine this nation and it is fitting that they exalt him for his service.But its an odd day for another realization... from Jan 3, 1963 til Jan 3, 1969... four lads from Liverpool created a global movement greater than anything Nixon, Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld could imagine. In the short span of six years, the world moved closer to peace, closer to love and closer to a global sense of self-actualization... than ever before. These four lads struck a fear in the likes of Nixon, Cheney, Bush and Kissinger... they represented a stark change from a society of materialism and wealth/power—by preaching Flower Power.And for that Nixon, with help from Rummy, Cheney, Bush and Kissinger, had them followed, harassed, wiretapped and besmirched. It was only a week ago that the final records of John Lennon's FBI/CIA files were made public. In the end though the government strongly stated the contents of these files represented a serious threat to national security, there was nothing more than testament that powerful people feared the loss of their power by the influence of a man who preached Love.In a space of time little more than that from September 11th to now, the human experiment went from McCarthyism and denial, to peace love and civil rights... then back under the diabolic manipulation of the Nixon administration. In less time than it took for BushJr to pit the might and money of our nation into a bankrupting death-march of global conquest in the name of liberty and democracy.... Our planet's attempt to inspire love, peace and came and went.Ironic that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, the same shadowy ministers of fear who've worked in silence behind Ford, Nixon, Bush, Reagan and now JrBush... are still threatened by the system they hijacked to power... the system they mock with every breath they take for in the true light of history and time, there's was the guilt for the man called Tricky Dick. A president who's staff was far more crooked than just the one incident at the Watergate hotel.Today, marked by a full moon—the wolf moon—Algonquin for the hungry wolves that howl at the night time sun... Under this full moon, in the presence of God and all the good citizens who came to pay homage to a good man, these bastards presided over his proceedings just as they did, Coretta Scott King, and Rosa Parks. Only a day after brutally executing the leader of a sovereign nation in a manner not seen since the wild west days in our nation. The same day that China reversed its Death Penalty law, the puppet government of Iraq killed their leader in a fevered dash to string him up before daylight but after the night of Sunni Holiday...An African proverb has never resounded more clear...Tales of the hunt will forever favor Man, til the Lion has his own historian... and like it, History will forever favor the victor no matter the tyranny, til the common voice rises above complacency to tell the truth of history.... and banishes His Story.Perhaps if we are lucky, Saddam's death will not be in vain. For it sets precedence that speedy biased trials and swift cruel executions of all leaders who abuse their citizens are now accepted in the United States. Perhaps we can prepare the gallows on the Capitol concourse for it is certain that these same men have done far worse crimes on humanity both here and throughout the world than Saddam could ever have hoped to accomplish... even with the help of these same "leaders"!

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Georgia said...

My Aunt Elaine reminded me of the great Ford vetoing the bill that would have immunized all reservation children. The reality of all the evil that surrounded Ford - Betty was the only true voice we were to hear - from his ilk - during those foreboding years....

And the beat goes on.