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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This Is So Fun...I Had to Share!

Go to the House Website and start looking at the Links to the Committees.

The MOST fun of all is to click on the link for the House Committee on the Judiciary.

For years now, I've clicked on that link and seen the bloated, red-faced, nasty old man who happens to be my representative, but has never represented me. With a picture of the nicest looking older black man down in the corner, Ranking Member.

NOW, I clicked on the link expecting that things change slowly in government and guess what I found?

Click here. Instead of seeing that angry ignorant man as chair of arguably the most powerful committee in the House of Representatives, the dignified Representative John Conyers from Michigan now holds the chairmanship of the committee.

Something did happen this week and it is by far the most quiet transition I can remember, no matter how hard the media tries to find a story on who asked Congress to close yesterday for the ballgame (By the way, it was the Republican Ohio Congressman Boehner who asked Pelosi to not schedule votes yesterday, the Dems just tried to be friendly in a bi-partisan way, and they get bashed all night last night by the cable news network as hypocrits. Dems are going to have to find a way to deal with the set-ups. If she had said no, he would have raised holy hell about her not caring about the people of Ohio... I say, enough of the compromise, if that's how they want to compromise, f*#K 'em, it's the Dems show now...).

Sensenbrenner is no longer the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Hallelujah!!!!!

1 comment:

georgia said...

I believe that would be a k.d. Lang Hallelujah.... or perhaps Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley (not Rufus Wainwright though....)

Praise Pelosi - the wicked rich Sennsenbrenner is dead in the water as far as Judisiary power is concerned!!!

Don't like saying hate - but in his case I'll make an exception. I really hate that S.O.B. (with no intended slur to his mother). Perhaps one of these days the dazed republicans will recognize him for exactly what he WAS. A nasty, mean, divisive - prick.