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Friday, February 09, 2007

2008 Primary Thoughts

Basically, see Jay at folkbum. His post on the primary is so exactly like what I think about the entire issue (except I like Obama a bit more and Hillary just a tiny bit less), it's pretty scary (also see my comments there today). I'm completely at a loss, except that I know I like (not in order) Hillary, Obama, Richardson, Edwards and Gore (if he ran) on the Dem side. Richardson is looking really good to me right now. I met him about 6 months ago and really thought he gave an inspirational speech and is an enormously brilliant and well accomplished man. Jay and I met on the campaign trail for Dean in 2004 and I certainly can tell from his post why we were both hard core volunteers. Us Deaniacs see the world a certain way and it can be stunning how often it's exactly the same.

On the Republican side, they could all be beat by one of the four above, except for Huckabee. He scares me to no end and is the only one with a chance in hell of beating all of the Dems I listed above.

One thing I do know, if Huckabee gets to the general, it's going to take some hard core opposition research and one hell of a Democrat to beat him. He must have a weakness, and the Dems need to start looking right NOW. He's already stolen our talking points and twisted them to sound like he's reasonable, HE'S NOT, he's just as crazy as all the other Christian Right conservatives and unless we find a way to expose his insanity, he's going to be a handful.

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