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Friday, February 02, 2007

Brett Favre's Back in '07!!!!

From the Biloxi Sun Herald

I'm sooo excited! I just love to watch him play. Win lose or draw. I love to watch that arm go back and fire the bullet into history.

Thanks Brett! Rae


Anonymous said...

Liberals and conservatives agree again!

I'm not a Packer fan but Brett has always been a favorite even from the old Black and Blue division days when the Pack used to pummel my Bucs.

KRM said...

I am also glad to hear that he is coming back. He is still a better QB then most in the league. It will make the Bear Packer rivalry that much more fun to watch. With that said, GO BEARS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rae. Heard you had lunch with my fiancee the other day and you were cracking on Baby Boomers. Nice!

I was told you wanted to see my blog, so just click on my blogger display name in the comment I've left and you'll be taken to it. It's definitely not the stuff that you do. It'sjust some rants on my life and some cool quotes from books that I"m reading, but if you're interested, feel free to take a look every now and then.

Hope you're well!

Crawford's Take said...

That was nothing! LOL! Read this post from 2005:

My rage against the machine goes pretty deep. :)

I'll take a look as soon as I finish this project. Your fiancee rocks!!!

Crawford's Take said...

tc: Common ground, common ground. I liked your Bucs back then also, esp after every Pack game ;) (sorry couldn't help it). But really I never did have any beef with the Bucs and thanks for the nice comments on my guy Brett. Means a lot from a Bucs fan. Wonder how he votes??? Actually, I really appreciate that I don't know, because Lynn Swan was my idol for 30 years (grandpa was from Pittsburgh and he and I loved us some Steelers in the 70's) and busted the bubble last year... All that respect down the tubes (thankfully, the voters in PA kept cool heads and handed us the Senate.

Crawford's Take said...

KRM: Sorry about da Bears... Unlike the Bucs, I could not in any way, shape or form get myself to root for da bears on Sunday. Really can't stand Manning either, but do like Dungy (from his Pack days) and so was able to find a reason to watch the game with some level of interest.

Prince by the way was fantabulous!!

The guitar work especially caught my attention... what talent...
Colbert would have freaked out anyway if they won! :)