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Saturday, February 17, 2007

McCain Bails, Loserman Fails: The Vote

I watched the vote to debate the Iraq war resolution today and was disgusted by a few things. First and foremost, Loserman. This guy has to go! He's a disgrace to the country and deserved to be kicked out of the democratic party last year. Let him "caucus" with anyone he wants. We don't want or need him and should we not accomplish anything at all in the next two years in the Senate without him, it would be just fine with me. To vote to continue a war unchecked on the Sabbath (when he's been adamant about observing it throughout his career is a disgrace to God-to everyone's God...) . Disgusting failure.

McCain bailed altogether on the vote on his idea! No balls. He was the one who first said, "We need more troops." and when he gets a chance to actually stand behind that statement. He bails. His candidacy is done. He's out of the race. A man who has no balls, cannot and will not be elected POTUS. Who could respect him for hiding out at a campaign rally today? Everyone else cancels their day (except for the other 9 ball-less Republicans which included Hatch), and he has the utter arrogance to bail altogether? The so-called "moderate vote" that he's courting will not be impressed, the crazy right has no crazy love for him anyway and his candidacy is done. How could he stand on his record of service in a campaign if he abandoned the troops today? One year before the primaries and he doesn't even have the guts to show up to support his own idea. Nice move Senator. Good luck with that strategy...

So what do the Dems do now? Well, if the "gang of seven" cannot find 4 more, the Senate is deadlocked until we kick out at least 4 more in 2008. That's just fine with me. We can wait and with only 4 seats to focus on in '08, we will have a lot more money to fight the good fight for the Presidency. If Hagel wants to run in '08, nows the time to show some leadership and find those 4 votes. Without them, the Republicans' chances to lose it all are looking pretty good to me.

Let them wallow in their idiocy. Do they really think the American people admire them for supporting a President who sits at around 30% approval rating consistently? What America do they live in? It's certainly not ours.

This is what the Dems need to do now. Nothing. They need to shut down the Senate altogether until the Republicans agree to talk. Shut it down. Show some courage. The American people are with you on this one. No spending bills, no progressive programs, no budget, no debate on ANYTHING else until they agree to debate on this. Shut the damn place down when they come back into session in a week. Refuse to allow anything until the Republicans will talk about this. Let the government shut down. Stop the paychecks. Sit back and wait.

If the gang of 7 (or at least 4 of them) and the Democrats really want to do anything over the next year and a half, it's the only option.

Shut down the Senate!

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