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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Miller Still Enforcing "Man Law" with Female Workers

About a week or so ago, I posted on Miller Brewing's clear attempts to give the shaft (deliberate pun) to it's female workers. They are negotiating contracts all over the country, and have offered pension increases in near every negotiation that has to do with unions that are primarily male dominated professions in the company.

When it came to OPEIU 35 (the primarily female office worker's union), they decided to enforce "Man Law" as they so proudly touted in their commercials at the time and had the nerve to put an offer on the table that cut the women's pension benefits dramatically.

For more info and pics go to their website: OPEIU Local 35-Milwaukee, WI

"I get no respect." Dangerfield

Well these tough old broads are fighting back.

Ain't no "Man Law" that can't be cow-towed by an angry group of women!

Especially us tough Wisconsin women...

Out in the cold, holding informational pickets weekly, these women are holding tough in negotiations. They are not quite at strike point yet. They are holding out that the irony of Miller's commercials being pulled the same week as they made the sexist offer to the women is a sign that these idiots know they are wrong and will eventually just drop this offensive slap in the face to women workers nationwide.

Miller Brewing! Treat your women workers right! They've given an average of 25 years each to making sure that everything behind the scenes is working smoothly and now you're trying to dump on them?

Like the sign says, "Old Ladies Need Pensions Too" .

Do the right thing, come back to the table and make an offer that carries some decency, before the neighborhood gets mad and quits drinking (or starts drinking Bud). After all these women have husbands and daughters and sons and friends and neighbors and even the occasional blogger who all most likely enjoy your product with their friends. That chain gets pretty long in a small town like Milwaukee and word travels fast.

You can't find a PBR in this city today and if you ordered it you'd be beaten out of some bars.
That was about the pension also...

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