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(The watercolor is called Magnolia Tree for Momma, by Audrey Crawford)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Poem on Death

Life's Last Days

Sliding in the side door
She sees it and asks her son,
"You can't get on the plane with me,
can you?"

"No Mom, I can't.
You have to take this
trip on your own."
as the endless tears
stream down his face
and onto her hospice bed.

"Who are you?" she asks
startled and afraid
looking at no one and nothing
and again, "I'm not ready!"
angrily to, well,
to no one we can see.

"Where's my coat?
You know the nice one?"
eases out of her weakness
as she tries to put on
through the heavy
fog of opiates and pain.

He pretends with his mommy
one last time.
He sings to his mommy
one last time.
He reads to his mommy
one last time.

His wife stands in the doorway
helpless to stop his pain.
Helpless because after 20 years
the pain is hers also,
but her tears seem
secondary and self indulgent.
This pain will never be hers
like it's his.

"I'll be back to
see you on Wednesday",
says the wife.
"No, Wednesday's too late,
I'll be gone by then."
is her matter-of-fact, ethereal
and unconscious response.
Immediately followed by,
"I'm not dying am I?"

No, I haven't seen death
quite like this before.
Caught between both worlds
for days.
Slow, painful, too soon.
And yet, not soon enough.

What kind of god...

1 comment:

David Casper said...

Renee, I wasn't sure what this was about until I ran into your father this morning. My condolences to you and Mike.