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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Senate and the War

I almost don't know where to start with this, but I'm going to give my thoughts a try.

The Democrats (except for Russ) have lost their minds and the Republican schizophrenia is not an accident. I blame Connecticut voters unequiavocably.

Last I heard, the Dems took control of the Senate...at least I that's what they all told us. Lieberman though, is no longer a Democrat. He doesn't count, the voters in the primary were right and the voters in the general made an incredibly horrible mistake. He now and forever has lost the last shred of respect he had on the left.

This is my take:
The Republicans set the Democrats up (they are SO good at that it's infuriating). They made a deal with Lieberman after the primary to continue as an independent and the devil's deal Loserman made was that on middle east war issues, he would vote with them. This means that the Dems only have no control on the war or it's funding without finding some Republicans.

So this week, Warner proposes a resolution that means nothing, the Republicans split just enough to let the Dems think they can pass it and then when it's brought to the floor, the Repugs all bolt. Even Warner did not vote for his own bill...that means nothing. The Dems then make the biggest mistake they've made since they took office, they pull the bill. Why is this a mistake? It's simple. They had a bill they could have put to a vote. A bill they had 60+ supporters for (including 11 or more Republicans). When the Republicans bolted on them, instead of doing what they could have done to show how strong they are, they bolted and pulled the bill.

What should they have done? They should have FORCED the Repugs to filibuster old school. MAKE them stand up there and talk until they decide to actually vote. This would have done three things, first everytime the Repugs wanted to whine in the next two years, they would know they'd have to do so publicly to us. It's a pretty big deterrant for future b.s. that McConnell will certainly try to pull. Second, it would force the Republicans to publicly for extended periods of time take turns talking non-stop. The media would have a field day with the b.s. they would have to talk about and the Senate would stop in it's tracks. The Dems could have repeated over and over, "all you have to do is vote", and the Repugs would look like asses clearly avoiding the war. Third, the people, the White House, and the world would see that the Dems mean business. They have control and are determined to exercise it. Eventually, they would have to vote for cloture (even if it took 3 or 4 weeks) and in the meantime, the Repugs would go deeper and deeper into being traitors to their country for refusing to debate the war.

Dems win, Repugs lose. It was easy and the Dems blew it. There is still time to recover and I suggest they do it NOW. Make the Republicans shut down the Senate. Do it fast, now and quit floundering like you don't know what you are doing. It irritates even me, one of your staunchest supporters.

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