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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Totally Weird: Who Stole My DJIA-Opium Graphs???

Okay, so I'm not a paranoid type person, but this is freaking me out a bit. I put these two graphs the post below. As you can see from the post, the graphs have disappeared. I DID NOT remove them by accident or other action. I did not get any notice they were being removed. They were just there on Friday and on Saturday, they had completely disappeared from the post. There is a place holder there, if you click on them, they still go to a page, but the picture has been removed. I can only think of one explanation, Google/Blogger removed them. Why?, at who's request?, without any warning? This is all a mystery to me. If anyone else has missing pictures, please let me know as I am truly perplexed.

This is the DJIA graphed with Afghanistan Opium Potential Yield annually:

This is the same graph above, but adds heroin admissions in Wisconsin annually:

See the original post below for the whole story on these graphs.

In the meantime, it's a good thing I'm not paranoid...


Anonymous said...

No thoughts on the image disappearance but I like the way you tied the variables together. I feel very strongly that looking for patterns in events and behaviors is a really important part of thinking/truth seeking and is a type of thinking that is not really encouraged. I am happy to see it here.

Sometimes that kind of "dot connecting" can lead to some "paranoid" ideas but I think that's just a by-product of the process, something we have to be willing to do. To not be afraid of any particular thoughts and what they might mean. The saftey net is I think, the fact that paranoid thoughts do NOT hold up for very long (unless you're actually ill) they will be cast out. So the fear of them is not needed. We can try them on for size and it's still okay. I don't mean to sound know-it-all, this is just my own opinion, how I like to examine stuff myself.

(Here's the part where I DO get Know-it-all)

As to the Tragic White Kids -
maybe because I'm a meaner person, or maybe because I'm white myself I "can" be less diplomatic. Because if I anger someone they'll just say "she's an ass" and not "it's because she's black". I don't know, but I could see that maybe happening. It seemed you had a worried undertone, like you were concerned about pissing people off. Maybe another reason, like just niceness. But for all the criticism thrown by whites at the way non-white families are "making choices" (around here the Hmong are dirt in many people's view) I don't see much criticism coming back - not too much criticism from non-white culture to white culture and values. That's what fuels that thought. (i.e. there 's lots of "look at your gangs" and not a lot of "look at your own bullshit" coming back, and there is an awful lot of bullshit in American families today)

Also - though I'm a non-affluent white person, due to various reasons, I do have long-standing experience with the way the more affluent white kids are raised. I feel really strongly that if these kids had their emotional needs met with reality-based accepting home environments instead of the consumer and status oriented lifestyles their parrents model to them - those kids would not be drawn to the drugs. Or porn or any of the other things we blame externally. The urges come from within, they are an attempt to fill unmet or poorly met inner emotional needs.

My friend who has been thru rehab and then worked to counsel others with addictions later in her life uses the term "a whole in the soul" that fuels the need to fill up with substances, material things, status. I think that is the real root of the problem.

The way kids are used these days as status props for their parents is sad in the extreme. The AP classes, the concern for children's "resumes", the "enrichment activities, the brag-able college admission, are example so how kids are treated like race horses too often. Just something to be shown off. I've been around kids a lot, these are real trends.

I also like Roseanne Barr's description of the hypocrisy of the "drug problem" as it is framed these days - the wealthy class abusing prescription drugs pointing fingers at those who are on street drugs. How many of these kids see Mom whining how she needs prozac and zoloft just to get through the day? Is it really the Evil All American and the Rotten Black Kids from "way over in the bad neighborhood"?

So this is our Market Society - supply and demand. It's easy to look at the Supply side, very painful to look at the Demand. Lots of kids are lonely confused and unhappy and alienated. Look at our own president, the little junky frat boy. Who's dropping the ball here? Mom and Dad.

To me, the real solution (it will never happen) is to look at the Increasing Demand for junk. I think that's what drives it all.

Incidentally, I refer only to the kids who have "everything" when I refer to these sets of causes. All cultures use drugs differntly or are drawn to then for differnt reasons. So yeah - the rich guys not wanting THEIR kids to go to prison, all of a sudden we need "compassion", I hear ya.

Well, I probably hit my quota of people to piss off today. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

I should have been "hole" in the soul


Crawford's Take said...

Thanks for your comments! I didn't mean to sound hesitant at placing some of the blame for this squarely on the kids. Maybe I did try to finesse it a bit, but clearly not to well. Since I'm half black and half white and was raise half on the north side of Milwaukee and half in Shorewood, I have a tendency to feel compassion for all involved in drug abuse. I've lost several friends since high school to heroin, crack, oxycontin, and cocaine. None of them were from the city. They were all wealthy suburban kids who had self absorbed parents. The products of nasty divorces and doctor's children who didn't know their own parent's scent because they were stuff in daycare, had nanny's that changed regularly and frankly the biggest problem was that they had unlimited disposible incomes. Not that the parents didn't love them. They all cried at their funerals and spent considerable money on private rehab centers that didn't work. They were just clueless as to the "Hole" you describe and the fact that their money didn't fill that "hole" adequately.

My husband always said when our oldest was young to other more well off parents. "It's not my kids that will be buying the drugs. They don't have the money. It's the rich kids that always have and always will bring the drugs to the suburbs."

Those parents had lots of money and found it easier to just hand over large amounts of cash to their kids than bother to actually schedule time to be with them.

Lots of cash, absent parents and friends with numbness to offer are the worst combination.

All that being said, I do feel truly saddened about the new generation of heroin addicts. Being of both races equally, I have empathy for all children in trouble regardless of race or economic status. My generation really wouldn't touch anything but and occasional joint and some blackberry brandy (yuck...) in high school...that other stuff wasn't cool at all.

In fact, I didn't even realize it was in Milwaukee until I was about 19 and went to a pretty scuzzy house party. I left immediately. As one of the poor kids in a rich neighborhood, I've had to work too hard my entire life to screw it up with drugs. I'm no saint, but it's been literally decades since I tried anything but my cigarettes and an occasional beer (and I spent 11 years completely sober no rehab, no addiction, just didn't want to drink during those 2 decades...)

Besides...who could afford them???