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Friday, March 30, 2007

Liegel vs Pocan

This is a hard one for me. Milwaukee Circuit Court judge. I don't personally know Bill Pocan, and I do personally know Chris Liegel. I hear through the grapevine that the progressive choice is Bill Pocan. Chris and I spoke for an incredibly long time at a St Pat's party a few weeks ago and as a result, his lawn sign is in my yard.

Bill however was a Doyle appointee and from all accounts an outstanding judge who has gained an enormous amount of respect in Children's Court for his common sense and straight forward manner. Certainly not worthy of losing on the court.

Chris on the other hand is also a solid progressive and great guy.

I have to say, I have no idea who I'm voting for in this one. I've heard really persuasive arguments on both sides...


Anonymous said...

It seems hard to be "progressive" and hire a former Scott Jensen staffer who ran Scott Walker's failed gubernatorial campaign to run your own campaign. Liegel fails any progressive test by that measure alone.

I'm sticking with Gwen Moore and Tom Barrett on this one and voting for Pocan.

Xoff said...

Judicial races are one area where I pay some attention to endorsements.

Pocan seems to have labor and the left pretty well sewed up.


Anonymous said...

Can you honestly call Liegel a progressive? I saw his lit on his website, this is the type of stuff Republicans send out.


Crawford's Take said...

Yes. His lit and endorsements aside. Liegel is a progressive. When we spoke, he was incredibly progressive on every issue we discussed. Now, it could be that he was being dishonest with me at the time, or it could be that he's being dishonest with his supporters, or it was a St. Pat's day party, so maybe he was just a bit tipsy, but he was definitely a Progressive that night.

All that said, I finally got a chance to meet Bill Pocan this past Saturday night at the ACLU of Wisconsin Bill of Rights dinner and the first thing I did when I got home was take down Liegel's sign.

I like Bill and can't see any reason to make a change on the bench especially with the doubt so many are expressing about Chris.

Go with what you know is good as opposed to the unknown. I'm supporting Bill and will vote for him tomorrow.