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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On Obey, the Dems and the Peace Movement...

After being off for the last three weeks, I have quite a bit to cover in the next few days and will most likely be posting very regularly so stop back often. Some of this undoubtedly has been covered before, but as always, I'd like to give my take.

What a mess! The entire country celebrated the Democratic takeover of the House and the Senate last November, but none like those in the peace movement. A real tangible victory was at hand and finally this corrupt administration could be taken to task for the complete incompetence they have displayed in Iraq and around the world. The American people said enough is enough. Many of the victors ran on the slogan suggested by none other than Newt Gingrich "Had enough?" and the American people vote "YES".

Unfortunately though, the Dems do not have the power we originally thought they did. Without 60 votes in the Senate, nothing can be accomplished. Congressman Dave Obey (D) a true Wisconsinite and hard core progressive was accosted by well meaning anti-war activists and lost it. I don't blame him. Imagine the frustration of being one of the few with the foresight to vote no from day one on this war. To be able to pass legislation at will in the House and have no control over the mess in the Senate and then to have a bunch of nutbags, confront you on camera because you aren't doing anything to stop the war you never supported and have fought from day one!!!

The exchange was unnecessary and I for one was proud he was a Wisconsin representative. I was proud of his anger. I was proud of his frustration. I was proud of his refusal to be bullied by even those whose views he supports. Us Wisconsinites are tough cookies. If you have a problem with this war, go see Lieberman, go see usually moderate Republican Lindsey Graham who said this: Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., challenged Democrats: "If you believe half of what you're saying in these resolutions then have the courage of your convictions to stop this war by cutting off funding. But no one wants to do that because they don't really know how that's going to play out here at home." Lindsey Graham needs to propose a bill that cuts the funding. Go visit John McCain and throw the Abu Ghirab pictures on his desk. Ask him, " When does this stop?" Someone go talk to Orrin Hatch, or Bob Corker or any of the 21 Republicans up for reelection in 2008! Go talk to someone who doesn't agree with you and do it every day!!! Make sure the ones on the Republican side the gang of 8 stay with us by thanking them for their support. Harrass Brownback, he wants to be President. Get him on record. Do something productive.

Why waste time on Dave Obey??????????????? All kinds of leverage can be used against the gang of 21 in particular and all Senators specifically. There are only 100 of them and 56 are with us!

Even if you aren't in their state. Start a blog and write about every one of their idiot decisions for the next year and a half. Donate to their opponents even if they are not in your state. Start making noise now about their opponents and hound the voters of CT to consider a recall election of Lieberman. Road trip to their states for anti-war protests. It's getting warm. The weekly protests nationwide of this war should have thousands in every state.

The only think Americans hate more than politicians who get caught lying to them is politicians who are wimps. Dave Obey does neither and did neither the other day. His apology was nice, but not necessary. He just said what we all were thinking. Why give him hell when the people who need to get hell are those on the fence, in jeopardy of losing their jobs, running for president, or in the pocket of this floundering administration.

Obey was my hero of the week last week. Now if the anti-war movement would just get it's shit together and focus it's energy, maybe we can all come back to the table and get something done.

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James Rowen said...

Well said. Obey is not the problem. He's trying to fix it.