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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Suburban Youth Storm Army Recruitment Center on Milwaukee's East Side

Journal Sentinel has the story here and update here.

Of the 14 people cited for disorderly conduct, less than half were from Milwaukee (7) with the majority of the rest of them from the suburbs West Bend (5), Waukesha (1), Wauwatosa (1), and Madison (1).

The conservatives must be getting nervous, they haven't even begun to institute a draft and people are trashing recruiting stations. Looks like the 92,000 increase in troops is pretty unrealistic to me...

The best pics are on Indymedia.org with a great discussion ongoing.

Note: I don't condone violence and feel that they could have accomplished pretty much the same thing without busting out windows and spreading excrement inside the station. That said, if the student population is beginning to wake up in this country, the politicians should take note and end this war before someone gets hurt... (I know just couldn't help the oxymoron.) Anger is a dangerous thing especially with few outlets. I really don't want to see this protesting get out of hand. I do wonder though what the police would have done if they got there and found 21 angry African Americans destroying an Army recruiting station... Would it have only been DO tickets or would the bully clubs have come out? Not that they should take them out unless absolutely necessary to protect themselves or others, but I often wonder about these things...


proletariat said...

Oh, that must be what Donovan is worried about in the summer.

Crawford's Take said...

This very well may be a problem summer. The anti-war movement's anger is welling to astronomical proportions. Unemployment is high. People are beginning to lose their homes due to job loss, underemployment and predatory lending, hopelessness, lack of educational opportunity, hunger, frustrations with police brutality and lack of accountability, elected officials who seem to have no idea what's going on, a safety net that has been completely dismantled, an illegal war that's sucking trillions out of our system while the problems at home are compounding exponentially, the potential that another war is on the horizon.... I could go on and on. The bottom line is that people are desperate, angry and frustrated.

I didn't deny that at all. All I said was that WE HAVE NO NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS TO DEPLOY to Milwaukee's streets. I also didn't mention that some of his proposals are not totally insane, but only discussed the totally insane one...

The bottom line is that people are desperate, angry and frustrated. Someone once said that you need three things for a riot or uprising to occur.

An overwhelming sense of anger, frustration or desperation among the general public. (We certainly have that now.)

Heat. As in the weather. (With global warming this is certainly a probability)

A spark. Some sort of horrific injustice that sets the masses into action. (Could Iran be that? Another case of police brutality or unjustified murder? Housing market crash? Massive natural disaster? Some bad result in a court case? Something else? Absolutely.)

Donovan may have expressed true concern in his crystal ball that the three conditions are more likely to happen this year than in a previous year consciously or intuitively. I doubt either.

He was most likely just doing a little political grandstanding to appease his constituents that he tried to do something about "crime" (a frequent double-speak euphamism of white politicians and pundits for people of color - this is a whole other blog...) in Milwaukee.

The problem is that his solution was so inane and uninformed of the realities of America and the effects of 4 years of unnecessary war that he made an ass of himself.