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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We Don't Need the Dems to End Iraq, Gay Soldiers Can Do It For Us--Do Tell...

I have called for this before. With the onset of General Pace's comments this week I feel it necessary to call for it again.

All 65,000 self id'd LGBTQ members of the US Military should go to their supervisors on the same day and TELL. It should happen immediately.

How about St Patrick's Day? No particular symbolism, but the parties that night of 65,000 members of the US Military coming out of the closet at once would be fabulous darling!

No seriously. It's time that the members of the US military who are LGBTQ come out of the closet and call this ridiculous bluff. If Pace wasn't aware, they are fighting a war somewhere and disrespecting them is disrespecting their service.

Just imagine the look on Bush's face when he finds out he has to discharge 65,000 soldiers at the same time. It would single-handedly end the Iraq War, disable the ability to wage war on Iran and cripple the Bush Administration permanently. Imagine, the entire war would be over this Saturday in time for Irish Coffee, Guiness, Jameison and a corned beef sandwich!

We don't need the Dems to end the Iraq War.


dekerivers said...

What a perfect idea! It makes me smile just thinking about it.

jimspice said...

I had never thought of that. Just might work.