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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What National Guard troops is Donovan reffering to???

Last week Milwaukee Aldreman Bob Donovan proposed among other things that Mayor Tom Barrett and/or the Milwaukee Common Council among other things, ask Gov Doyle deploy about 100 National Guard troops to stand on our streets this summer... in case there is any trouble...

No considering my last post, there could be, but...

This idiocy of this proposal is beyond my ability to comment. We don't have National Guard troops in this country because they are all either on much needed rest, in Iraq or on the border of Mexico trying to stop poor people from coming here to work! They flat out are NOT READY FOR SERVICE ANYWHERE.

They have no equipment, the new ones cannot be trained, god forbid we have another natural disaster this year in the US, because they were too stretched to help out with Katrina, they are most certainly not capable of doing anything now...

Not to mention, the libertarians and anti-"big brother" people in Wisconsin are strong and loud and the idea of the US Army taking over the streets of a US city is most certainly on their radar.

Not to mention the jurisdictional, legal and constitutional issues, what's next on the list of the Bill of Rights to shred...the 3rd amendment (quartering soldiers)?

Finally, what would they do? Stand around with big guns and look scary? PLEEEAASSEE!

Donovan seriously needs to rethink this before he makes more of a fool of himself than he already has...

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