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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another Guilty Pleasure: Sanjaya's No Longer the Worst

Lately, I've been exposing my secret pleasures. Last time it was boxing, now...American Idol. I have resisted commenting for two years now, but tonight, I just have to give my take.

The whole Sanjaya/Stern controversy has had me incredibly perplexed and fixated on my TV every Tuesday and Wednesday night for weeks. I will occasionally vote for my favorites, but for the last 4 or 5 weeks, I've abstained waiting for the Sanjaya issue to subside and not wanting to be party to the impending disaster of a show I enjoy (in the most non-intellectual way possible).

So for those 2 people out there who don't know what's going on, Howard Stern starts this whole movement to "Vote for the Worst". Sanjaya's won that contest hands down for weeks...

Something weird happened tonight. Latino/a night, no one sings in Spanish, I realize that the latino musical beat is incredibly difficult to tap into and Sanjaya was NOT the worst. He at least sang in spanish, in tune and on beat!

If I were to pick the worst after tonight's show, Haley wins that honor outright. The question is, will Sanjaya still win "The Worst" title this week after Haley's ridiculous performance?

I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out, but before you pick up the phone in the next two hours, remember, the game is to vote for the worst and tonight, that was NOT Sanjaya, it was Haley hands down...


Anonymous said...

Sanjaya is the MAN...Go SANJAYA!!!

SoliTare said...

I agree he is not the worst. In fact he is the reason I'm still interested in this show. I plan to vote for him.

babblemur said...

First, I am SO glad that there are other leftists who will admit to watching this show religiously.

Second, Sanjaya was good tonight. Very good. The thing that really gets on my nerves about him is that he can go along and sing a song all sub-par, but right at the end he usually does some little vocal alley oop and you say "Wow. He CAN sing, but he chooses not to." But tonight he really showed that he has song and sex appeal - he is not getting some sub-genre vote every week - he has GOT something that people like. I never heard about Howard Stern's war on AI and I gather most of America hasn't either. Sanjaya lives on because he has got the same kind of something that Jordan Sparks has: an authentic teenage joie de vie that we all wish we still had.

Thirdly, The top three in order are: Lakisha, Blake, and Melinda. We have to endure 5 weeks waiting for the bald marine, the Justin Timberlake guy, the "last white girl standing", and the two teenagers Sanjaya and Jordan to get voted off the Island. If there is any suprise to this prognostication it will be Jordan (whom I love and want to give hugs to) or Sanjaya (for the conspiracy theory du jour).

Thanks for posting on American Idol and mainstreaming my obsession.