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Friday, April 06, 2007

Gotta Love Milwaukee Youth!

I am incredibly proud of this group of Milwaukee's youth! They've gathered 2500 signatures in one week (enough to recall some elected officials...although none are the target)!

In 2005 I worked with a group I helped found called GRNS to collect about 1,100 signatures from adults and it took us 5 weeks. I'm quite humbled by their efforts. If you are free tomorrow and can go out to support this direct action please do!

Young people getting involved to make positive changes in their community is all good. Caring about the community always leads to caring for the community and we as adults need to support their efforts for equality and justice. One good thing may come out of this debacle by the Mayfair Mall management. They may in fact have united Milwaukee's youth with a purpose and a goal. Reaching that goal may lead to new ones and youth that are busy making their lives and the lives of those around them better are not busy making those things worse.

Let's support them. Let's find a way to give them a victory in this and while we're at it, lets thank the two anchor stores at Mayfair Mall, Macy's and Boston Store who in their wisdom have opted out of the discriminitory policy and will continue to let all shoppers into their stores regardless of age, race, or time/day of the week.

By the way, here's the policy in question:

Parental Guidance Required
The enjoyment and well-being of our customers is our number one priority. The program is designed to encourage families to take advantage of a pleasant shopping environment. We encourage young people to enjoy the mall with their parents on Friday and Saturday evenings. Fridays and Saturdays 2 pm until close
Visitors 17 years of age and younger are required to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult age 21 or older on Friday and Saturday after 2 pm.
Unsupervised youth shopping prior to 2 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings must leave the mall by 2 pm or immediately be joined by a parent or supervising adult age 21 or older.
Proof of age may be required for the youth or supervising adult. Those who lack proper identification will be asked to leave the property.
and the link to send an email if you wish to support the student's efforts!


Here's the press release on tomorrow's event (sorry about the spacing, too lazy to correct it right now):

Contact: Jayme Montgomery(414) 236-1002Jayme.montgomery@gmail.com

Anti-ID Fight at Mayfair Not Over!! Youth return to Mayfair. Group plans to double numbers and turn in 2500 petitions to Mayfair General Manager this Saturday at 2:00 PM
Milwaukee, WI

This Saturday, an energetic group consisting mostly of teens and young adults will return to Mayfair to continue to fight the against the mall's Parental Guidance Policy. The group of concerned consumers, led by The Campaign Against Violence, believes that the policy unfairly discriminates against young people. After a week of talking with the community, the group plans to more than double the amount of protestors and turn in 2500 petitions asking Mayfair General Manger Steve Smith to attend a public hearing.

The rally starts this Saturday, April 7th at 2:00 PM on the corner of Mayfair Rd and Center St. "Almost everybody we have talked to disagrees with Mayfair," says 18 year-old Lanisha Colfax who has been encouraging her friends and classmates to attend Saturday. "It's not just young people that are mad. Parents are upset too."

The group has talked to thousands community members since last week's rally. The group believes that the policy unfairly targets young people and wants Mayfair's General Manger, Steve Smith, to attend a public hearing to listen to the concerns of community members.

Rally organizers, believe that even though Mayfair is a private institution, it serves a public interest and needs to listen its patrons. The rally starts at 2:00 PM. Petitions will be turned into Mayfair after the rally. For more information about the rally, or to schedule an interview with these energetic young people call or email Jayme Montgomery at 414.236.1002 or jayme.montgomery@gmail.com.###

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