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Monday, April 09, 2007

Honestly, Enough is Enough - The Overlegislation Needs to Stop!

Can we just decide as a society that drug laws are already too insanely overreaching and ineffective, and that it's time to encourage the positive actions people take in life and rehaul the entire system instead of piling more shit on the shit system we have now?

This is the deal. The state and feds are already charging a student at Madison with possession with intent to deliver (a felony charge) for passing a joint to a friend at Harvest Fest in Madison last October (An annual festival in Madison, WI since the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana for personal use over 30 years ago where people sit on the Capitol and smoke joints. This is real and a truce was in place between the local government and the state and feds for all this time to look the other way until last October's infraction.) So now, in addition to trying to take away their right to vote, their liberty as humans and their ability to work, get a job, go fishing, etc, the still republican WI assembly wants to talk about taking away the one place our tax dollars go that could be money productively spent: Education dollars.

Do they have NOTHING better to do? Sometimes don't you just wonder if the republicans are just plain stupid or do they actually think that we aren't paying attention, or even worse, do they think WE are stupid?

Hearing tomorrow at the State Capitol on this: Either call your state assembly reps today and tell them to knock it off or go tomorrow and do it in person (very effective by the way).


This is a reminder that the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities will be holding a public hear TOMORROW, April 10 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 225 NW of the State Capitol on Assembly Bill 151, which will prohibit any post secondary student who has been convicted of possessing, with intent to manufacture, distribute, or deliver or of manufacturing, distributing or delivering, a controlled substance from receiving any state financial assistance for a period of 2 years after conviction.

This draconian policy could have a major negative impact on students who have made a mistake and who are committed to turning their lives around.

Please plan on attending and let your voices be heard.

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