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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh No He Di-in't Sykes Calls Sharpton a "Pimp" On Air Today

Perhaps Charlie's a bit jealous of all the attention shock jock Don Imus is getting for his disgusting racist rant the other day.

He seems to have decided that he feels lonely, so he got on the air today and called Al Sharpton a "pimp". Somehow, I think that's a really good way to get yourself noticed in this conversation about racist rants on talk radio.

I'm sick and tired of Sykes poisioning the airways with his racist, sexist crap.

Plaisted Picked up on this and wrote a great blog post. I for one am echoing his sentiments and forwarding a note to Sharpton... I'm tellin...

By the way, if I called a group of black women "nappy headed hos". That would be understood as hard core fighting words....


John said...

Sykes also has been making nasty comments about Justice Butler even though he called Clifford out for "negative campaigning." It is so nasty I am not going to repeat it here.

patrick said...

Sharpton is using these Rutgers women: Here's how you can tell.

Why have Imus on his show, not the Rutgers women, their coach, or the president of Rutgers? He gets the chance to beat up an target, a clearly guilty bigot--that's great theater. But I think the Rutgers women can speak for themselves.

Who is Sharpton to accept or deny any sort of apology from Imus regarding a slur made against others. After all, Sharpton's mouth has been full of lies and slurs against the Jews. No Dr. MLK here; leaders lead people somewhere.

If Sharpton is concerned about dignity, why doesn't he attack the rap music industry which does more daily to teach a generation of young men--white and black--that women are "hos" and "bitches" than Imus could in a lifetime.

No, Sharpton is only in this for himself and doesn't give a rip about the Rutgers women. No analysis beyond Imus' own words is needed to see his bigotry. Shappton doesn't care what is said, only who says it and what there is to gain in his political garden. Its a lot like john (above) who hates Sykes and would attack whatever he said or even intimate that Sykes had said something so terrible he wouldn't repeat it.

Imus is a a fool and isn't long for the waste bin--I hope. But lets not forget that its time for Sharpton to join him.