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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shaquanda Cotton Story

Eugene Kane picked up on this story the other day in the JS.

I've been following it for quite a while at my friend's Grits for Breakfast blog (sorry for not letting you in on it earlier, I can't blog on everything insane I read or I'd never get anything else done...). His various posts are here. Grits has a really nice chronicle of the events of the story and his main blog focus is the Texas justice system. He really leads the "cause celebre for bloggers and civil rights activists across the country in recent weeks. " that Kane references.

Its another tragic story of horrific overreaction by the justice system in Texas that seems to be manifesting as racial bias in sentencing.

From the Chi Trib article:
Three months before Cotton, who had no prior criminal record, was sentenced by Paris Judge Chuck Superville in March 2006 to up to 7 years in youth prison for the shoving incident, Superville sentenced a 14-year-old white girl convicted of the more serious crime of arson to probation. Later, when the white teenager violated her probation, Superville gave her yet another chance and declined to send her to prison. Only when the youth violated her probation a second time did the judge order her locked up.

Check it out and post back what you think about it. Could the same type of racially biased overreaction and overreaching sentencing be happening in Wisconsin to our youth?

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Anonymous said...

Updates on Shaquanda Cotton?s Case. New this week (July 9, 2007) interview with Cotton?s Mother Creola Cotton, Brenda Cherry and more. Plus updates on Ginarlow Wilson case (GA). www.DryerBuzz.com or find archive at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DryerBuzz