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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sykes: "They're Coming After Me Next..."

He also included Belling and Wagner in his comments today on air (I'm sure they were thrilled...) as the next targets in the Imus fallout.

Well, since he brought it up...

I wonder if he is feeling even a twinge of guilt and remorse for his racist and sexist slants on Milwaukee's airwaves over the years. Probably not. He's probably just a bit nervous, and he should be...they all should be...

Charlie Sykes has been poisoning the airwaves for years. Years back, he would let me on the air and actually allow me to speak for a few minutes fairly regularly. I often called in out of fury, but I could make a reasonable point and so he'd let me make it. In the past few years though, his venom caused me to just stop listening altogether. I will occasionally turn him on just to get my blood boiling as I have this week and to find out who's sponsoring him lately. I've turned my anger quietly for a few years to his sponsors and his radio station.

I refuse to shop or use products advertised on his show (for example, Grasch's Foods and Chase Bank) and I refuse to listen and have for several years now. I also cancelled my Journal Sentinel newspaper subscription because of their support of his and Wagner's shows about the same time, and only resubscribed to the Sunday paper a few weeks ago for my children to encourage their reading skills.

I generally won't watch Channel 4 television news and I won't watch his Sunday show on TV most weeks. I have done all of this on my own and not publicly as a personal protest of the nastiness of his show.

Wagner is included in all of this.

What I really don't like, is that TMJ refuses to put a local countervoice to that nastiness on the air. Whatever happened to equal time?

Belling's nastiness often exceeds Charlie's and I get sick to my stomach even typing his name. His station goes so far as to advertise on television that they are the all conservative voice in Milwaukee and that they go after "welfare pimps" among other euphamisms that are designed to advertise their racism. It's not even worth spending more time blogging on. I stopped listening to him after the "wetbacks" comment.

All that said, I'm not calling for a boycott. I am making a personal choice not to expose myself to the ugliness.

It is Charlie's, Jeff's and Mark's right to choose be ugly. It is Journal Sentinel's right to choose to only air ugliness. It's the sponsors' right to choose to only finance ugliness.

It's my right to not support their choices and I will continue to do so...

By the way, I have no tolerance for Jonathon Green either...

UPDATE: I can't believe I left out McBride. I've been out of respect for my friends not trying to propagate the incredibly hateful crap she wrote the other day on a story that should have NEVER been in the paper in the first place. Read down her blog and you will see that she doesn't even try to hide her racial hatred. She's proud to be a racist and is employed by not only the Journal Sentinel corp, but also the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I hear through the grapevine that she comes from an incredibly large and liberal family in Tosa. If this is correct, she fell not only off the apple cart, but also into the mush that rots and draws flies under the trees.


Xoff said...

Good for you. I used to have WTMJ radio on in the car, for newscasts, which meant I would hear short burts of Sykes, Wagner, Green, or whoever at times.

I'm happy to say I switched my car radio to 1290 WMCS six months ago and haven't heard Sykes & Co. since. And I haven't heard Belling for at least 10 years.

Now, I'm happy to say, we don't subscribe to the Journal Sentinel, either. As Ed Garvey once said, "When you quit smoking, you feel bad for awhile but eventually feel good. But when you quit the [Journal] Sentinel, you feel good right away."

Other Side said...

Renee ... you forgot the other member of this forgettable group of humans, Jessica McBride.

I agree with you, though, 100 per cent. I have not renewed my subscription (despite numerous phone entreaties)and only listen to WTMJ (never WISN) when I need travel information.

And yes, Jonathon Green is pathetic. I once heard him complain that Arlington Cemetary should not allow any grave markers other than Christian crosses (in response to the request of a Muslim family to have their son buried at Arlington).

Crawford's Take said...

I realized just now that I missed the Queen of the Damned... Thanks to you and Brawler for reminding me!


Crawford's Take said...

I still feel bad every Sunday morning when that paper hits my doorstep, but in my own defense, it only cost me $50 for a full year from some guy who caught me in a weak moment at the store and he gave me $20 in grocery store gift cards to boot... Apparently, looking at the cost of the JS these days, they are desparate to even give it away so maybe we're not the only ones disgusted in this city with them...

Crawford's Take said...

FYI - Here's Brawler's post.


Couldn't have said it better myself.

fred said...

Jessica McBride is not one of Ray and Toni McBrides children. They were both reporters for the Journal and the Sentinel. Toni was later Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. They were Wauwatosa liberals. I am sure they would be embarased to see someone with their surname writng for the far right.


Crawford's Take said...

Thanks for clearing that up! Renee