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Monday, April 02, 2007

Tomorrow's Big One-Supreme Court

I've posted below two separate blog posts on local Milwaukee races. Now I'm going to talk about the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. All the mud slinging on both sides aside, this could be the most important race in decades as to the way Wisconsin will interpret the rule of law at the highest level in the state.

This race will decide the right to privacy (medical and otherwise), the right to education for our students, the rights of protestors, the rights of individuals over corporations, the right to a clean environment, and so many other things that are important to us.


You are voting for the type of Wisconsin we will live in for perhaps decades (since it's so hard to vote out a justice once in office).

Good people on the Wisconsin Supreme Court who understand that the law protects US from the infringements of government on on our lives are critical to everything that we do to consumer protection laws to the water we drink, swim and fish in...

Who's the number one supporter of Linda's oppoenent? Wisconsin Manufacturer's and Commerce. Who do you think she'll rule for from the bench regardless of the law? Who does she owe?

Once again, this is a spring election and by just taking the half hour to go and cast your vote, you will make a huge difference your life and the lives of all of us!


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