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Monday, April 02, 2007

VOTE TOMORROW! MPS - Brown Grice, Harris, Findley, Falk

I got this email this morning and although I could make a persuasive argument for all of these candidates, I am instead posting MPS School Board member Peter Blewett's email this morning. Peter is one of my favorite School Board members. He's brilliant, and most importantly, he actually cares about Milwaukee's children. I have had many opportunities to work with Peter and Milwaukee is a better place because of him. Bama and Falk are on our kids' side also. My two favorites in this race are Harris and Findley. Long time friends, sometimes colleagues and always hard core activists supporting Milwaukee's unpriviledged in more ways than I have time to tell you about, these two would be awesome additions to Milwaukee's school board and if Peter wants to work with them, this is a no brainer. Please read his email below. It's quite persuasive on it's own.


The one thing that can get bad people into office is low vote counts. The masses of people must get involved. That's the only way things change in our political climate. More on the election to follow...

Please vote this Tuesday for a new direction on the MPS board. This election will be close!

We need a board that will actively lobby for fair reimbursement of special education costs, so we do not have to cut programs and increase size to make up for what the state and federal government mandates but neglects to pay.

We need a board that will actively work for smaller class sizes, increased arts and language education, and restored library, nursing, and counseling services. When we restore these programs to MPS, middle-class parents will again choose to send their children to our schools.

I therefore recommend that you vote for:

Bama Brown Grice for the at-large MPS seat,

Wendell Harris in District 2,

Stephanie Findley in District 3,

and Terry Falk in District 8.

Isn't it interesting that the folks who cry the loudest about the drop-out rate are the same ones who took away all the things that make kids want to attend school--small classes where kids can get to know their teacher and their peers, programs that increase brain capacity (like music and foreign languages), programs that teach teamwork and problem-solving (theater and visual arts).

The people who complain about dumbing down education are those who, with their drill and kill testing, have dumbed down and resegregated our schools.

But on Tuesday you can change our direction with your vote.

Please forward this message to your friends and family, and encourage them to vote.

Thank you,

Peter Blewett

AAPF by Peter Blewett for School Board

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