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Friday, April 13, 2007

Whitlock = Uncle Tom?

My friend Dave and all the other Wisconsin conservative bloggers have found one defense for Imus. It's the only one they have and it was written by a black sports columnist in Kansas City MO Jason Whitlock. Conservatives on radio and tv are echoing it and I'm getting sick of the false argument.

Somehow, Imus is no longer responsible for Imus's comments because the real bad guys are the rappers. Imus is quickly becoming a victim of rapper culture.

Totally unfair Dave...
Everyone's missing the real point here. This has become the perfect excuse. Instead of finding a way to use this dialogue to build up respect and self worth in the black community, the dialogue is turning to a way to trash it some more.

Listen. NO one's talking about the effects of negative language and sexual content in rock and roll or the drug culture in grunge or the break up of the American poor white alcoholic families so glorified in country music and how women are denigrated in all of the above. This is ALL about finding another way to pigeon hole the black community as one homogenous group that is destroying from within. No one in white America has any sense of responsibility for any of the ills of the African American experience anymore. White America seems to have washed it's hands of black America and is happier for it.

Lack of decent educational systems, employment opportunities, healthcare, the prison industrial complex, (I could go on... ); suddenly none of these are the matter with black America. It's those two hypocritical guys Sharpton and Jackson, the right's favorite whipping boys, who are distracting us from the real issue, rap music.

The idiocy of this argument is beyond my comprehension. And that's my take...

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