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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Could Care less Until This...

Jon Stewart piece last night

Which made me laugh uncontrolably. As I thought about it, these guys seem in panic mode to explain why it's okay for men to go to prostitutes...

They seem to be so intent on explaining it, that it makes you wonder...who is on this list???


Other Side said...

Hannity's in panic mode because his name is on the list ... you know, he tried, but he couldn't really make with the man-Coulter.

Georgia said...

I love Jon Stewart - but about the hooooha D.C.Madam - - -

Victimless crimes....

When men are AS responsible for sperm as women MUST be for eggs.... the world as we know it will change.

Until then, the repugnants should welcome the business advantages - and the courts should make prostitution as LEGIT as any other business.

At least we'd all know by WHOM we were getting screwed! At this juncture - we're screwed by landlords, the justice system, banks, jobs, the EEOC and countless others. Could it be worse - sure. Is there gender parity now - NFW