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Monday, May 21, 2007

Dems Don't Go Far Enough Again...

It's enough to make a good progressive scream! Once again, the Dems in Congress are scared to do what's not only the right thing to do, what we elected them to do, and legally sound; they are afraid to do what's necessary to protect our democracy...

This man has clearly broken through the level of high crimes and misdeamors and he's the top cop in the country! How dare he undermine our laws? Who does he think he is to so blatantly throw out our Constitution? How are our elected officials not screaming from the rafters about his blatant disgust for their role in government?

Not only is a "No Confidence Vote" a ludicris substitution for impeachment hearings, it shows the Dems and Reps once again ducking their oversight responsibility in favor of saying "We don't like you!" Like a bunch of children on a school yard. I'm pretty sure I know why they won't impeach Gonzales though. If they did, the hearings would bring out more evidence of the overt disregard for our United States by not only Gonzales, but also, Rove, Cheney and ultimately Bush himself. The impeachment of Gonzales would ultimately lead to the required impeachment of the entire administration for their huge slate of high crimes and misdemeanors. (Reminds me of a carnival hawker: Pick a crime, pick a misdemeanor, pick a treason...any crime, any misdemeanor, any treason...the list is too extensive to note in this post...).

Neither the Dems or the Republicans in Congress want to be responsible for walking into that trap as they see it with the Presidency wide open for the taking on both sides... I find it all disgusting that our elected officials (yes, all but Feingold, my hero and a few other brave souls...) have all abdicated their most important responsibility to uphold our Constitution and the laws they wrote in order to position themselves for power two years from now.

I'm a Democrat, I've always been a Democrat (except for one Republican who hoodwinked me into voting for her about 15 yrs ago, a vote I regret everytime the WI legislature is in session...).

I do still want to support my party, but if my party doesn't get a backbone and stop playing into the media's caracature of the weakness of my party's leaders, I can't imagine my party surviving the next election.

Russ got a spine and displays it with every move he makes. He and the American people are one full year ahead of the rest of our party and have been for a decade now. We need more backbones... Our very democracy depends on it!

Got to www.impeachgonzales.org for more info.

1 comment:

Georgia said...

Gonzales: is he (a) ...
1) screw up
2) boob
3) moron
4) the eighth dwarf - Slimy
5) pre-altzheimerish good 'ole boy
7) miscreant
(I believe he intentionally LIED under oath and tried an end run around the constitution. I think he should be IMPEACHED... along with Cheney and Rove.)

Why can't we just get 'er done (as Larry the Cable Guy sez)? As far as Democrats - what the hell are we doing now???

Why do we FIRST run everything up the public opinion pole to see how the nation is leaning? Why don't we put forth the bill and seeing what happens.
No - we first must run it past every news source on the planet. Talking about non-events, planning how it will be, and showing our opponents every card in the deck.
Then we sit back - and wait for the opinion poles. Meanwhile - the repugnants.... do what they do.

And - We wonder why NOTHING gets done.

I wonder how the hell we (DEMS)ever did ANYTHING. 'cause it sure feels like nothing is happening now. And now - we have MANY many many of those folks from across the asile thinking the administration is POISON to the country, poison to the constitution, and poison to their own political goals - - - so why can't we DEMS follow through???

It is a sad day for democrats everywhere - no LEADERS who share the convictions of the masses. Not a single LEADER who is willing to go the extra mile - to speak of their own CONVICTIONS on the state of our nation. Every single one of them hiding behind the boogeyman...It seems to me THEY (our dems) can't follow thru - because they care more about 'looking' right than actually doing right. I'm thinkin perhaps there's another way....

Wishing and hoping doesn't make it so, and it feels like we are wishers and hopers - not followers - and certainly NOT LEADERS.

Perhaps we should consider anarchy - could it be any worse?