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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 50,000 is My Guess!

Shoulder to shoulder, from one sidewalk filling the four lane (and 2 parking lane) street (Water Srreet) and across the other sidewalk for 40 minutes straight!

I didn't have the time today to actually march, it took all I had to not join them as I watched the beautiful empowerment on smiling faces of all races, ages and backgrounds march hand in hand. Children with signs that said, "Where is my mommy?" Babies in their pappa's arms clutching and doling out smiles at me when they realized I was speaking to them in Spanish.

Si se puede! My shouts brought smiles from across the street. People looking me straight in the eye and with that knowing that our mutual respect for each other as human beings held no boundaries of nationality, race, language, faith or immigration law.

At one point my love for my fellow humanity actually brought me to tears...

How could anyone deny these beautiful people their humanity?

How could employers work with people daily and mistreat them for profit? Work with them everyday and fear them for speaking a different language or a different culture?

How could people like Lou Dobbs speak of them as "illegals" on a daily basis on television and fuel misunderstanding, fear and hatred while ignoring the fact that these are families caught in a battle not of their own chosing between countries and corporations trying desperately to be the ones who get to exploit them?

Comprehensive humane immigration reform must be accomplished for the sake of our nation. Our nation will not survive without it.

Enough of this ping pong of hatred and abuse pitting the unemployed against the underemployed in a battle to the bottom of the wage scale to the benefit of a few making millions at the top.

Join or start a union without fear. Write a letter to Congress. March in the streets.

Make them figure this out!!!

If the current leaders regardless of party can't figure this out, then keep replacing them until they do.

UPDATE: Now I'm getting reports of 70,000 on Milwaukee's Lakefront. Pictures to come later today.

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