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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So Disgusted...

With my last post, I pretty much bashed my own party for being overly cautious and unwilling to do the only option they have as the last defenders of our democracy on the Gonzales scandal...

I hate to do this again, but I'm ragin' mad...again at my party.

There are times when your party, the ones you support, vote for, walk in the rain and snow to help elect, sometimes give real blood, sweat, tears and yes, your hard earned money to, do something that irritates you in a minor way and you may scoff under your sleeve, but instead out of loyalty, trust and ultimately the greater good that brought you to the party you sweep under the rug. Let it go as a bad decision or an individual's mistake or a necessary compromise to achieve a greater goal. I will rarely if ever blog on that in any strong way... I may even go so far as to try to "see it their way" and defend that decision if I feel necessary.

Then there are those times when you are really mad at your party. I usually will take a stab and tell them how I feel, often behind the scenes in an email or even on this blog if I believe it's of public importance.

Finally, there is this kind of time. One that I imagine most Republicans have been feeling for quite some time now, hence the 72% disapproval rating of the President...I'm pretty sure the US is not 72% Democrats (although up until last night, I thought it should be since Republicans only represent the interests of between 1-5% of Americans...).

The kind of time when you are ashamed to associate yourself with your party. When your party lets you down so badly, that you absolutely cannot be silent. Republicans have been know in times like these to keep their mouths shut. Just don't talk about it and maybe it will go away... It's called "Party Dicipline" in the inner circles of both camps.

Ah, but it's at these exact times that I KNOW why I'm a Democrat. We actually believe that by speaking our minds, debating the various options available, and being an open door party, our party becomes stronger. Our ideas, hopes and dreams become realities...

It's at this time in history, that I am choosing to take the last road and to do so with one loudly spoken statement:


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