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Thursday, June 14, 2007

GOP, African Americans and the Supression of their Vote

I got this in an email from the Sentencing Project. It pretty much says it all, so I'm posting it as received... This Conspiracy is NO theory...

Michael Fauntroy, assistant professor of public policy at George Mason University and author of "Republicans and the Black Vote," analyzed the historical and conservative view behind voter disenfranchisement - particularly concerning the African-American vote. In the Huffington Post Fauntroy wrote: "African Americans and other minorities around the country are having a difficult time voting and being certain that their votes are counted. That conservatives see the black vote as a sleeping giant in American politics is proven by the lengths to which they go to lock out of the system as many people as possible. The Republican Party has spent millions in support of purge programs and 'electoral integrity' schemes with the only real purpose being to reduce the number of African Americans that vote. This money is spent because the party understands the arithmetic of black political power and the disproportionate impact African Americans can have in deciding who wins presidential general election states such as Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina."

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