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Friday, June 08, 2007

Obey is Getting SOOO Bashed Nationwide and Rightfully So...

This one rings out "...with friends like these who need Republicans..."

and then there are these gems... each more angry than the last!















and of course, mine from yesterday...

It just goes on and on... I could copy and paste these links for HOURS!!!

This needs to stop in it's tracks. The Dems have REALLY screwed up and the biggest screw up (the only one with the power to fix this) is our own near and dear David Obey....

Call him and give him some hell. He clearly deserves it this time...


Anonymous said...

He's catholic. He votes like a catholic on issues of procreation, etc.
He's gotten backstabbed in the past by his church heirarchy for taking a public stance that is more true to the Dem platform. It was done in a way that had to hurt. He's also getting older, and when people get older they often feel the final judgement looming and he's maybe more personally motivated in these positions at this time in his life. If you look at Obey's votes it does reflect an over-all catholic (anti-abortion) beleif system and is not a new development on the whole. I don't think he would ever make an outright move on this, to try to overturn Roe openly, but if momentum developed that made it safe for him to come out of the closet I wouldn't trust him at all. I beleive there is evidence aplently that he is, in his heart, firmly anti-Roe.

If you enjoy getting upset, you should research the "pro-life Dem" movement in Wisconsin. It's out there. See who else in the party has no intention of supporting the platform as it is written, see how motivated they are by their "faith". See how friendly they are to abortion reform a la S. Dakota, and how cool abstinence only education is to many of them.(translation: us legislators will gleefully continue to bang our interns on the public dime while you all go without)

Indeed, with Democrats like these, who needs Republicans.

Crawford's Take said...

I'm not sure if you are trying to explain the reason he's voting this way, but I still don't forgive him. It's a damn waste of MY money and I even KNOW the SINGLE PERSON who's getting the $27 million. I like this person. Lives in the Milwaukee area and is a nice person. Actually a friend of mine, but the entire program is b*llsh*t and EVERYONE involved knows it. It's a way to funnel taxpayer dollars into GOP coffers and GOP supporters pockets and as much as I love my friend, not afraid to tell that friend to that person's face that I DO NOT approve of my tax payer dollars going into that person's pocket with a staff of nearly zero, it is a boondoogle. Obey knows this, the churches who get the money my friend doesn't keep know it and anyone with a brain can see that this is the biggest scam on the American public in the history of BS scams on the American public. I want Obey to pull this and do it now and I'm disgusted that a DEM is doing this. I'm well aware of the fake Dems in WI who refuse to stand up for the rights of women and in this case youth to have access to education and privacy in their healthcare decisions, and could name several of them... In fact one was openly targeted in the last election and would have been ousted had the Dems done their homework on the replacement...

It's just disgusting that so much of our money is being used for BS!!!!!!!!! We could each get a $8 tax break (that's per person) in Wisconsin if he just cut that crap out...