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Thursday, July 26, 2007

ACLU Wins Major Immigration Case Today!


The case centered around a local municipality trying to pass ordinances to enforce Federal law. Today a Federal Court ruled the local ordinance unconstitutional since only the Federal Government has the authority (it's REAL clear in the constitution btw) to enforce immigration laws.

This is huge and should stop local municipalities in their tracks with all of these idiotic laws like the one passed in the City of Green Bay this year (and proposed in the county of Green Bay) that makes businesses sign statements certifying they don't hire illegals (how are the businesses supposed to enforce national immigration laws???) or lose certain licenses.

The Green Bay Packers must be sighing in relief! Word behind the scenes is that mgmt was none too happy about this...

Time for Green Bay to save the City a whole lot of cash (Hazelton spent a boatload) and repeal this ordinance and the county of Green Bay needs to scrap the idea before they make the same mistake as the city did!

Any other local municipalities around Wisconsin need to take note that just because the Federal Government has it's ships all out of order on immigration, local municipalities have to just sit back and let the Feds work it out...THE US CONSTITUTION SAYS SO!

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