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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Still in Disbelief That It's Come to This...

Birth Control Protection Act ???

Yes, in Wisconsin, we are at a point where it's necessary to pass a law that PROTECTS the right to Birth Control!!!

How crazy are Wisconsin's legislators that the sane ones need to pass a law to protect birth control access!?!?

How crazy are the Republicans in the state assembly that this may not pass?????

Come on women (and men who don't want 10 more children)!!!

Time to speak up in large numbers and call all around the state but in particular in Republican Assembly districts and tell legislators to support this unequivocably!

Wisconsin can be backwards and it can be progressive, but in this case, if the Republicans in the assembly cannot get behind the protection of access to birth control, they ALL need to go.


illusory tenant said...

It seems to be directed against pharmacists who refuse to dispense contraceptives, and to undermine their claims that birth control is a form of "abortion."

timroth1618 said...

Hopefully the signal is sent to all pharmacists and pharmacy students that if they don't feel comfortable dispensing birth control then they have no place practicing their license in a community pharmacy setting.

Of course, what this debate is truly about is the Christian Right pushing yet another wedge issue to distract the public from the big issues facing Wisconsin, this country, and the world.

J. Mark English said...

Ummm...I think people seriously need to redefine the word "right". I always thought "rights" were from God...

How did God ever guarantee the right to birth control?


illusory tenant said...

How did God ever guarantee the right to birth control?

He worked His mysterious Ways through Justice William O. Douglas et al.

Crawford's Take said...

My God gave the right to birth control when She gave the scientists the inspiration to create it!

J. Mark, Your comment is as ridiculous as mine here...

The point being you have no right to declare the "rights" of my god...

Georgia said...

What's the biggie about losing another freedom? Those precious few we have left - really are up for grabs anyhow.

I want my son OUT OF THE MILITARY. I want world peace. I think both will happen about the same time... round the 12th. Of never.

Conception. Misconceptions. Inconceivable (to me) that anyone should interfere with anothers' CHOICE.