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Monday, August 06, 2007

BP To Polute Lake Michigan Even More with EPA Nod and Wink!

This story makes me sick... and it will make us ALL sick if we don't DO something about it immediately. I guess this is what happens when you put corporate executives in charge of the EPA...

Go to the link below and sign the petition!


Hi ,
Thanks to overwhelming support from people like you and supporters of our sister organizations around the Great Lakes, BP executives are going to get a big surprise with their morning coffee and newspaper very soon.
Our fundraiser to place a full-page in BP North America's hometown paper, the Chicago Tribune, is off to a great start. Hundreds of you have dug deep to support this plan to send a loud and clear message that BP must stop their plans to increase toxic dumping in Lake Michigan, and we're well on our way to getting the ad placed in the Tribune.
If you haven't yet donated to this effort - or are feeling generous and would like to donate again - please click the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser:
Along with the over 37,000 petition signatures we've collected opposing BP, our staff's appearances on print and electronic media, and our work with local and federal government officials, this full-page ad is part of the campaign we've undertaken to stop BP's plans for increased toxic dumping in Lake Michigan that we're calling Beyond Preposterous. Because that's what this whole fiasco is.
It is beyond preposterous that the fourth largest corporation in the world, that claims to be the most environmentally responsible firm in its field, thinks it can get away with dumping more ammonia and "suspended solids" - or whatever BP spin doctors feel like calling the toxic mercury, selenium, and heavy metal-laden discharge they want to dump into a waterway that millions of people drink from everyday.
They're not going to get away with it, and you can be a part of stopping BP today.
Your donation of $25, $35, $50, $100, or even $1000 or more will make sure that our message to BP arrives on the front step of their corporate headquarters very soon.

Dan Kohler
Wisconsin Environment Director
P.S. Thanks again for your support. Please feel free to share this e-mail with your family and friends.


Steve R said...

I went to the website MWRD.org Chicago Reclamation District and the president calls swhat BP is putting into the lake sludge. This is kind of strange when he runs the same type of facility as BP's and knows or atleast should know what sludge is. Let me say...water treatement plants do not dump sludge in the lake...that is called illegal. If BP is dumping so is every other water treatment facility...look at their data...I did and it opened my eyes.

Also look how the Chicago Reclamation district describes sludge... "Many area golf courses, sod farms, tollway banks and parks are green and fertile because of the rich mixture of sludge and soil. In Fulton County, Illinois, the District is reclaiming 15,000 acres of land which were left barren and ugly from years of strip mining for coal. By leveling the land and enriching the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in the sludge, wasteland has been converted to fertile ground for agricultural uses. This program is called the Prairie Plan." http://www.mwrd.org/Processes/solid.htm

Kind of amazing...he makes it sound like sludge is a great product...makes you wonder who is telling truths and who is just slinging sludge.

I signed the petition and now I feel pretty much used by rhetoric. I am well educated. I guess I need to think some more. You let me down Tribune...you let me down Durbin...you let me down Emmanuel...you let me down my college buddies who convinced me to sign the hoopla.

Steve R. Chicago North Sider

Anonymous said...

Do you even know what sludge is? No one is dumping sludge. If you want to use the word sludge cause it sounds cool then keep on going. I am telling you man, this is a war of words and not truths. I am trying to show what I am figuring out... the politicians, media, NGOs are just saying whatever will get you and I ticked enough to support them and donate money to them and collect email addresses for them. Sure BP is putting ammonia and suspended solids into the lake but so is every other recalmation facility. The media and poiliticians are calling it sludge like it is some black gunk... I did some research and this is not the case. Seth, this is not what I am standing for. I want a clean lake, but I can no longer support those who are leading this charge because they are misleading me.

I want a clean lake and that means I want all these facilities including Chicago's and Milwaukees and the people that fertilize their lawns with ammonia to meet standards that will hopefully be set at zero for say 2010 or something reasonable....That way maybe someone can start a business to build the technology.

The last time the beach was closed was because of e-coli.... I searched and searched google and found out that the BP facility has never closed a beach like those who got me to sign the petition claimed.

we need to voice our views, but please ensure they are truly our views and not the person that cries wolf.

Keep up your passion my friend.