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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

AWOL Again, But the Thought of a Real Walker Opponent is too Enticing!

I've been once again awol for several weeks. Partially because of an extended vacation and partly due to the need to get ready for that and then make up for it all when I returned... You know how it is. You plan a vacation and then work twice as hard before you leave and when you get back and so, somehow the vacation gets lost in the madness of trying to make the time for the vacation.

Let's see, since I've been gone:

  • Shaquandra Cotton has been released from prison along with 500 other youth of color falsely or improperly imprisoned by the Texas Courts...YEAH! (see September 2007 Seventeen Mag story). Her story has been replaced by the horrible Louisianna story of the Jena 6 (more tomorrow).
  • Alberto Gonzalez and Karl Rove and Tony Snow have quit the White House (all days of celebration, my personal favorite was Tony's explanation that he needed to "make more money" best quitting line from a politician ever!)
  • More Republicans are gay, it seems this list is never ending... You know, nobody would care if they weren't so damn publicly and viciously anti-gay! Why not just run as a Dem and then you can be openly gay and celebrated for saying so and have the same job and not have to bear false witness...?
  • 9-11 was shoved down our throats again. My favorite here is Guiliani speaking yesterday at the ceremony and shutting down his website to avoid being political. They really have NO respect for the American people's intellect do they?
  • Dems in Congress STILL haven't shut down this War...cowards...
  • And while I'm on that... Pelosi needs to GET OVER HERSELF on the Steven Colbert Show ban!!! Talk about cowardly... Let's not only put a cowardly ban on Dems appearing on the show and not go on myself, but then let's make a point of making sure everyone knows we're afraid of a bit of satire too... with an audience of MILLIONS watching!
  • I STILL don't know who I want to be the Dem nominee, but oddly enough I like Ron Paul, the crazy Alaska guy and Dennis Kucinich. None has a chance in hell, but it IS refreshing to hear the truth and be talked to as an intelligent adult instead of in repeatable and irritating sound bites over and over...
  • I will PROBABLY vote for either Obama (Oprah's getting to me) or Hillary (although I'm still a little scared of her, but my eternal crush on Bill could be fed for another 8 years if she wins, so maybe it's worth it...). UNLESS on some odd chance, Al Gore gets in...
  • Lena Taylor just may run against Scott Walker. This ROCKS! The ONLY downside to a Walker loss is that my good friend would lose his job, but then maybe he would come BACK from the dark side (he wasn't raised there) and all would be good in Milwaukee politics again. There's a great discussion on this on Seth's blog about this race. I only want to add that the "bluing of the North Shore and Tosa" is a nationwide phenomena. As "white flight" in the 70's sent millions to those now "diverse and liberal" suburbs, the transit systems and road construction has created a new "Conservative flight" movement to the urban sprawl of the outying counties. Formerly rural land (which, by the way, how is ethanol going to be useful if all these corn farms keep getting turned into "flight" communities called things like "Sherwood Forest"?) is being turned into artificial communities for people who need "more space". This is causing among other things Mequon to consider breaking Federal law (which cost the town of Hazelton millions...) and racially profile ANYONE who LOOKS or SEEMS Latino or who has a SUSPICIOUS ID to be turned over to ICE even on a trafffic stop. It's causing Walker to try to limit the public transportation system in Milwaukee so undesirables can't GET to the suburbs on public transport. It caused the battle over light rail a few years ago and most recently the battles over water as more and more homes in Milwaukee County sit unsold and too many people are depleting the water tables of Western counties by overdeveloping and not leaving enough wetlands to support the population and industry that's sprung up. Scott Walker will lose because he doesn't and never has represented the interests of Milwaukee County. His only concern is how to best rape Milwaukee's remaining resources for the outlying counties' benefit. The veil is off and the bride (aka Walker) of frankenstein (aka Sykes) is truly frightening and irritating to most Milwaukeeans.

So much more to say and so little time today. Will give you something else to think about tomorrow though! Nice to be back...again. Thank for letting me rant a bit.


Nick Catalano said...

Scott Walker? v. Lena Taylor? Wha? That could be interesting... although I doubt she (or anyone else) could win. People think Walker is an idiot, but people in the suburbs are just happy that their property taxes aren't going up. It isn't as if they use any county services, like the bus, on any sort of a regular basis... or they use any of the pools in the parks... bah

Crawford's Take said...

Property taxes are going up in the suburbs!!!

They go up every year in Shorewood because the County cuts back it's help on services that Shorewood citizens expect and need, so the Village has to raise taxes to replace the FAKE property tax cuts that Walker says he's giving them.

He's NOT cutting taxes. He's cutting services that are vital to a society and passing the buck for paying for those services (and taking the hit for having to raise taxes) onto local communities.

It's all a shell game and I think Lena may surprise you...

Georgia said...

Seems to me the repugnant finger is naturally pointed at ANY/All difference(s). I think they may be born that way... Hmmmmm - are repugnats born repugnant... or do they just choose to live like psuedo-concerned greedy pigs? (Are they all coersed by the dark side... or are they born that way?)

More gay republicans (repugnants)?
I don't know about that one....

I am fairly certain Cheney has all the details though.

Nick Catalano said...

Let me rephrase-

I think it is more that people think that taxes will raise MORE if someone else is in there...