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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush Spits on 4 Million Children

How else can you put it? Bush vetoed the SCHIP program when the American people are crying uncle on healthcare costs.

We can't take it anymore!

Families can't take it, companies can't take it the medical community can't take it.

So Congress does something nearly unheard of at least since Bush took office... They passed a progressive bipartisan bill that does something NO one could argue with with a whopping 60 votes in the Senate. They gave American children the ability to go to a doctor when they are sick.

Bush just casually, callously spit on all of us but most especially the children and vetoed it. His reason is even more outrageous... It costs too much??? Trillions of dollars in cash on pallets for an illegal, unnecessary war for control of the oil market for his cronies...and no money for the children of America. Those same children who will have to pay for that war and whose children will pay for the largest theft of money in the history of the world, if they live that long without proper preventative and sickness care. If their parents can afford to house and feed them after medical bills tear the family finances to shreds.

It disgusting and that same group of senators and a few more MUST draw the line this time!

I could scream about this president's policies 24/7 for the rest of his term and more, but for the most part I choose to focus on things that make Wisconsin and America better and stronger rather than spend all my time angry with one man who has declared himself King of America. On this though, I cannot be silent.

This seemed like such a no brainer...well considering the source...

How dare that man call himself a Christian! Christ must be crying in his chalice. When he said Suffer the Children, this Not what he meant!!!


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