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Monday, October 01, 2007

Exclusive Breaking News: Taylor Made for Us!

Yes, it's true and the BEST political news I've heard since Sheldon told me he was taking out Alberta... and you heard it first right here!

Lena Taylor


Milwaukee County Executive...

Walker should be shaking in his shoes...

Why will Lena defeat him?

I don't know anyone besides Sykes who still supports Walker. My conservative blogger friends admit privately that he's useless.

Lena is an attorney who fought her way through school all the way to the State Senate and she did it the old fashioned way. She earned it.

She's brilliant, dynamic and a hell of a State Senator for her district (if I didn't know who was running for her seat...TBA...I'd be worried, but rest assured another dynamo is rising!). We will all miss her in the State Senate, but Milwaukee needs her more now than ever to come home and set things straight.

Lena Taylor is the right candidate at the right time.

So why will she win?

1. She's a better person for the job and for us all in Milwaukee County.

2. Walker has alienated the North Shore (parks), the African American community(parks and transit and services and racial exclusion on the Lake Front), the Bay View community (parks and transit), the East Siders (parks and transit), the Western suburbs (parks and transit)... Are you getting the point?

3. PARKS AND TRANSIT. Walker will lose on those two issues alone. WE LIKE OUR PARKS AND TRANSIT SYSTEMS IN MILWAUKEE COUNTY. We like to golf, swim with lifeguards, go to the local pool, walk in mowed lawns, see flowers everyonce in a while. Walker's cuts to county services go deep. We see them in the closed beach stands at Bradford Beach. We see them when garlic mustard is running rampant in every park in the city. We see them when we can't kick a soccer ball on a warm day in a grassy field because the grass is too long. We see them when we can't catch a bus to work anymore or when the fare is so high that it's cheaper to drive to work (I've done the math from my house to my office...).

4. Lena KNOWS how to raise money and she will raise an enormous amount of money. Walker should just retire. Lena's gonna have him whining for money when she's done with him.

5. Walker got 40% of the African American vote in 2004 and won by less than a few percentage points. Lena's popular in the city. Walker's number will be less than 10% with Lena as an opponent.

6. Lena's district is diverse including even a few suburban wards. She's no stranger to suburban voters.

7. Walker's shell game about not raising taxes is over. He doesn't raise taxes, but then the services that are cut are forced on the local communities who DO raise taxes to keep the vital things that make our communities livable and thrive. No one's taxes are cut, they are just redistributed (and often higher due to too many hands in the pot).

8. Milwaukee County residents would be lucky to have her making the big decisions that face us everyday.

Can you tell I'm excited?!! Lena Taylor is the best thing to happen to Milwaukee County politics in years! I urge you all to support her, do what you can to spread the word.

She's Taylor Made for Milwaukee!


billy pilgrim said...

Go Lena!

(A bit of confession: I was at the Dem bash at their new offices, and you could tell Lena was going to run, even if she wouldn't admit it).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh.

There is absolutely NO way Lena Taylor can win this. I'm not sure what you're talking about that she knows how to raise funds...she's never even had to run a real race.

BTW...there is nothing wrong with our parks. Just because leftys like you keep saying there is, doesn't make it so.

Run Lena, Run!

Taylor Made for WEAC
Taylor Made for Doyle
Taylor Made for Tax increases.

Yeah...this should be fun.

Crawford's Take said...

I just may take off the ability to make anonymous comments on this blog... If you don't have the guts to tell the world who you are, maybe you shouldn't speak... I want open and honest dialogue and well all comments, but I really hate gutless anonymous posters...

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment above reminds me of why I stopped blogging.