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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kagen Named By Feingold as One of the Freshmen 20 Who Stand Strong to End the War


Russ Feingold (see right graphic) has taken the time to identify 20 freshmen Democrats who will face big challenges in 2008. As first time Reps. they are the most vulnerable in the House and these 20 have a special meaning to Russ.

They have stood strong and worked hard to try to end the Iraq War as the people of America have demanded... They are doing what the people ELECTED them to do.

Russ is asking us to support the Freshmen 20 so they can return to Congress in '08 and continue to make for decisions the people not big corporations.

Our own Steve Kagen is one of those Freshmen 20! Wisconsin is sending backbones to Congress. Let's keep them there.

Thanks Steve for fighting for us and standing with RUSS!

And Russ as always, I cannot even think of the words that would express how much I appreciate all you do...

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