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Monday, October 22, 2007

National Latino Congreso Votes for Fair Elections!


On October 5, 2007 the Delegates of the 2nd Annual National Latino Congreso considered and approved Resolution 5.04:

A Resolution to Promote a More Inclusive and Racially Just Democracy. http://www.latinocongreso.org/resolutions07approved.php?id=49

Recognizing the potential to develop and sustain positive outcomes through multi-racial voter protection efforts, Advancement Project drafted a resolution acknowledging the shared struggles that link voters of color in their pursuit of the franchise. The resolution addressed the critical need to increase voter registration and participation in communities of color, while calling for collaborative efforts to increase voter participation in order to secure political representation that is reflective of our communities.
In approving the resolution, the National Latino Congreso committed to “undertake efforts to institute, support, and sustain multi-faceted, multi-racial voter protection efforts” in order to open a path to the ballot box that is “free of barriers, intimidation, and misinformation designed to directly or indirectly prevent participation by minority voters.”
Advancement Project looks forward to joining the participating organizations of the National Latino Congreso and other allies in their efforts to create and implement multi-racial voter protection strategies in advance of the November, 2008 election.

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