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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now THIS Makes Sense to Me!

I got this email today:

Dear All,

Please send your list of smoke free bars and restaurants to CleanAir@MilwaukeeRenaissance.com.

Maybe you could put out the call for folks to send into your site the names of all the smokeless establishments they know of— and then we could shop it around and try to get the Milwaukee Visitors Bureau AND ONMIlwaukee.com to post it— and help generate business and support for those who have already done it— and those who are thinking about doing it.

Building a community of smoke-free bars and restaurants makes a lot of sense. It is better than a one-size-fits-all no smoking ban. With over 900 Class A liquor licenses issued in the City, there is certainly room for both smoking and non-smoking establishments.
Here is my reply:

Now THIS makes sense to me. Not interfering with the private business decisions of bar and restaurant owners, but instead letting people decide which establishments to support and how best to do so based on their own preferences.

I’m not against smoke free establishments, just government mandates on private businesses that skew true economic forces in one direction or another and force people who have what is legally an illness (all addictions are catagorized as an illness) into the cold, dark corners of the world alone.

Thanks for this great idea Jim! Renee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea, as I'd appreciate another list of the far fewer places left where I can take friends and family who smoke, and they won't get treated rudely again. (For starters, folks: Cafe Hollander treats smokers as humans acting legally and separates the two groups well.)

And then, let's please have a list of places where a lot of people don't get drunk. It would save cleaning bills and, when they then drive, car bills, too. And I don't mind at all sitting with smokers, but this city and state have got way too many obnoxious drunks. (For starters, scratch Miller Park and its parking lots.)

And the costs of health care bills and secondary drinking -- the one in four families affected by alcoholism -- are costing more than anything here. Yet we haven't raised the tax on beer in more than a dozen years and shout down efforts to take it up by even two cents.