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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Public School Uniformity

Okay so I'm surfing this morning about public school dress codes. Why?

Well, my 7 year old has one at school that says among other things that her shoulders cannot be showing which irritated me because it's been hot this week and I wanted her to be comfortable, so it took me a while to find something she could wear to school and not get in trouble... she's 7. It almost makes me feel a bit like the entire wardrobe I bought for her that she's worn all summer long (lots of tank tops, very cute stuff...) is inappropriate. Like I've done something wrong in that I dressed her comfortably all summer and now her entire warerobe is considered "inappropriate". (By the way, her school has no air conditioning, so on a day like that, it's unbelieveably hot, I remember, I went there also as a kid...) Am I a bad mom for making the decision to dress her comfortably? Is the next question that comes to mind, so I start surfing...

So I thought I'd find out more about public school dress codes and started surfing which led to some articles about public school uniforms which led me to this article.

Suddenly my little personal Mom crusade against a prohibition on tank tops has led me to one of the most stunning admissions I've seen in a long time from a public school system, the implications of which are really quite damning not only on the system, but on the entire profession.

Are you ready for this???

Reynolds said uniforms also prevent teachers and other adults from making negative judgments about students based on their clothing.

"To be honest with you, they look smarter," she said. "They really do."

WHAT!!??? Did she just say they look smarter??? Out loud??? So the administration is admitting in public to the media that teachers make judgments on the intelligence of students by what they LOOK like and teach to that prejudice???

So we are supposed to believe that they make judgments on something as insignificantly identifiable as clothes, but not race, ethnicity or accent???

How about we teach the teachers to NOT make judgments on a student based on their LOOKS at all? How about teachers and administrators stop worrying about the clothes their students wear and instead, worry about the fact that they seem to KNOW they have a significant enough number of teachers who rely on the way a student looks rather than evaluating the student on their ability. Maybe they should be spending more time with their teachers working on, oh, I don't know their prejudicial attitudes towards students based on predetermined stereotypical visual cues?

Maybe that's too novel an idea...let's just make them all look the same, it certainly would be easier than forcing the teachers to TEACH everyone equally...

I need to stop surfing when the littlest things irritate me. It always leads to something much worse... ;-) R

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