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Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is What A Backbone Looks Like

I apologize that for the last few days, I've just been posting other people's stuff nearly verbatim, but I haven't had much time to really give you my take on things. I am going to do that here again today. Got an email from the ACLU that touts our own dear Russ Feingold as one Senator that truly has a backbone when standing up for our civil liberties! (I often wonder what this world would be like if all Senators had Feingold's integrity...).

The lack of Congress to stand up for our privacy is maddening and it's time. On this issue. Right now, for the Senate to say NO to domestic spying and a free ride for companies who MUST have broken the laws or why would they NEED amnesty so desperately?

When we are talking about real human beings who came here to pursue the American Dream we all hold so dear, AMNESTY is somehow a dirty word.

When we talk about telecom companies who illegally gave YOUR information (and don't kid yourself on a 3-tier info give away, your chances of being on a list of those who are being surveilled are astronomical), suddenly this Administration and some in Congress are all about AMNESTY.

I say no amnesty for the telecoms!!!

Let them prove they did nothing wrong in a court of law. Congress must NOT usurp the judicial system.

When you click on the link to thank the Senators who are threatening to fillibuster, please make a note of who is NOT on the list. Call them first and ask their position, then call the Senators who are committed and say thanks!


From the Desk of Caroline Fredrickson
Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office Demand that your senators commit to blocking immunity for phone companies:
Dear Friend,
On Tuesday, we asked you to stop Senator Rockefeller from letting phone companies off the hook for breaking the law. You responded with tens of thousands of signatures telling him the American people are deeply frustrated by his drive to excuse massive, illegal invasions of our privacy and give phone companies a "get out of jail free" card.
The ACLU's FISA flood - powered by your emails, phone calls and persistence is paying off. There are increased and vocal objections in Congress and in the press to any FISA bill that lets lawbreakers off the hook. And now one outspoken leader, Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) has made it clear that all it takes to stop assaults on the Constitution is the political will to act.
Senator Dodd has boldly drawn a line in the sand, promising to filibuster any bill that grants immunity to telephone companies.
Demand that your senators immediately stand with Senator Dodd and block immunity for phone companies:
The FISA bill that came out of Chairman Rockefeller's Senate Intelligence Committee enables the President's assault on the Constitution by rewarding the telephone companies that illegally provided personal information on their customers without judicial authorization.
The possibility of a filibuster means that every single Senator now has a choice to make. Senators can give in again to White House pressure by giving immunity to telecommunications companies and allowing wiretapping of Americans without any real check. Or they can stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law.
Tell your senators that now is the time to lead by committing to sustain a filibuster while actively urging other senators to do the same.
Demand that your senators immediately stand with Senator Dodd and block immunity for phone companies:
Your message will have a double impact. As soon as you act, it will immediately be sent to your senators. Then, next week, the ACLU will join other groups on Capitol Hill as we hand deliver tens of thousands of messages from all across the nation to Congress.
If you act now, we can spur a dramatic outpouring of citizen demands for Congress to stand up for our rights and reject immunity for phone companies that broke the law.
Demand that your senators commit to blocking immunity for phone
Instead of capitulating to the White House, your senators should be listening to you. Recent polls show that 59% of American voters reject amnesty for phone companies that may have violated the law, preferring to let courts decide the outcome.
If you care about your privacy and believe that phone companies must be held to account for breaking the law, please contact your senators right now. Let's make sure that Senator Dodd is not alone when he stands up for the Constitution on the Senate Floor:
Thank you for your continued help in keeping the pressure on Congress.
Please take action today and help stop the administration's plan to reward lawbreakers.
Caroline Fredrickson, Director
ACLU Washington Legislative Office
P.S. Once you've taken action, please take a moment to follow up with your senators by phone:
Then, report your Senator's position:
There is a growing chorus of Senate support for blocking, and even filibustering a bill that includes telecom immunity.
For a full, up-to-date list of Senators to thank, check here:
© ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor New York, NY 10004
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Anonymous said...

Russ is the only person in America qualified to be president! Somebody shake some sense into that man!!!!

Georgia said...

I'm with you Shellie! However - given the choices we do have....

What the heck are we going to do about the 2008 ticket?

Anonymous said...

The phone companies need to be left off the hook. The govt isn't spying on us, they're trying to keep us safe you idiots. If you have nothing to hide, who really cares!!! We are living in a dangerous world, and thank God the govt is wiretapping to listen in on any terroroist activity. Do you really think the govt cares about the pimple on your ass, or who you're sleeping with. Come on!!! Open your eyes and realize that President Bush has kept us safe sine 911!!! Do you think that we haven't been attacked again just by chance !! No, it's because of the wiretapping and intercepting terrorist phone calls. You people will be the demise of the country. Thanks alot !!!!!!