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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vitriolic Irrational American Hate

The vitriolic somehow suddenly acceptable public hate that has been stirred up among my fellow Americans toward millions of Latinos they live, work and play with in every facet of their lives is stunning my sensibilities.

A story on CNN about a car dealer in S FL who put a Spanish language commercial on local TV and got over 200,000 hateful responses via phone and internet is just surreal. They played some of the hateful messages on tv and I got nauseas.

Who has stirred all this evil and hate?

How have they managed to do it so effectively and across the board?
How do they sleep at night?

How can Americans be so vulnerable still to the very public lynching of an entire ethnic group who has done them no wrong? A group of people who have fled horrific lives to live the American Dream we so proudly brag about...

How could anyone in good conscious forget their grandparent's legacy?

When did the hate get so stunningly profound?

Will no one look in the mirror and feel shame for allowing this to go so far? To get so bad?

Are there no decent kind compassionate rational Americans left?

Will no one condem this hate outright?

I WILL! Will you?

Let's try an experiment.

If you condemn this poisonous hate toward Latinos that has so insidiously infected our country of immigrants, post "I will" in my comments. Spread the word.

If I get 50 comments I will be shocked, I know 200,000 is a pipe dream. I have been proven wrong before...

Prove me wrong. PLEASE.


obscurios said...

I will....

Anonymous said...

I will
and I wish I knew how t post it in every language

Tim Roth said...

I will.

I would add that our trade policies have destroyed the middle class of Mexico...that's why so many immigrants crossed the border. The division between rich and poor in Mexico is simply staggering. The richest person in Mexico is worth 7% of Mexico's GDP. Even during the height of the Gilded Age, the richest people in American held at most 1-2% of America's GDP.

Globalization and free trade can be a force for good in this world, but it has to be fair trade that develops health economies in Mexico and other poorer countries.

Georgia said...

I will!

¡Apoyaré esta opinión!

If we are not part of the solution - we are part of the problem!!!!

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

I will.