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Monday, October 08, 2007

Walker, Klein - Dirty Childish Tricks Useless to Undermine Taylor's Legit and Mature Campaign

Do either of these guys KNOW they are running for public office in 2007?

Does THIS make them think they are cleaver? I can see all the childish college boys chortling on the computer as they take claim to any way possible they can spell Lena Taylor for County Executive online...

Of all the sleezey and sophomoric tricks. Who are these guys running Walker's and Klein's campaigns? TEENAGERS (at least as emotionally stable as teenagers...)

Grow up BOYS...

If you're spending Scott and Joe's money and the little time you have left buying all the name combinations of Lena Taylor on the web you can think of, you're NOT actually running a campaign.

Any donors out there who think this is a good way to spend not only hard dollars but STAFF TIME which is much more expensive???

Keep it up boys and you may actually spend all the donor's money on idiot teenage games while Lena knocks doors and goes on TV with her war chest she's been building while you're obsessed with URL's...

Sad, really sad...

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