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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Year Without a Santa, He Poisoned the Toys

I will not be buying ANY toys for my three girls for Christmas this year, and you shouldn't either. Lead paint, unsafe construction, companies that lie and cheat and issue recalls without pulling current stock off the shelves have led me to decide that this will be the first xmas my children will not get ONE toys.

Not only toys will be missing from under our tree. No more hair clips, lipstick, nail polish, perfume, clothes that have any colorful paint or buckles or studs, books with shiny covers, shiny bikes, NOTHING that even COULD look like it has lead in the paint.

This means that my girls may get a few pieces of solid gold or silver jewelry, maybe a few dvd's, video games, books without shiny colors, maybe get them tae kwon do or dance or art or music lessons.

I am all out boycotting Christmas toys.

And this story is so much uglier than they are telling us. For example, did you know that after Mattel blamed the lead paint fiasco on the Chinese and caused suicides and firings that rocked China, they issued an apology on September 21st in the London rag The Financial Times to China because China do NOT buy the paint! Mattel did and SENT it to China to put it on the toys!!!!

All China did was put the paint that Mattel sent them on the toys, and yet, although we all heard the initial blame game b.s. that Mattel put out that shaped the debate, how many know Mattel took full responsibility for the fiasco? (Don't believe me? Google: Mattel Apologizes to China)

I've had enough. "Santa" will have to answer for this one, and until they find a way to satisfy me that toys sold worldwide are safe for children worldwide, I am boycotting the toy indutry altogether.

The most important holiday in the world to the corporations is Christmas, this year, I'm calling for an all out boycott to make sure they hear loud and clear that we will NOT PAY them to poison our children.

We must stand up as a nation and tell corporate American that there is more to business than MAXIMIZING SHAREHOLDER PROFIT (the mantra of today's business environment). We have all the power in our wallets. A decision by a large number of Americans to punish these companies for their transgressions at the cash register will force their hand. No Americans will lose their jobs, because they have already been shipped overseas, so they can no longer hold that against us.

What do we have to lose? How about the very real problem of lead poisoned and choked and strangled American children?

CPSC List #1 Toys (so bad, they've set up an XML feed!)
CPSC List #2 Child products
CPSC List #3 Sports Equipment
CPSC List #4 Household stuff (more kids stuff here like helmets...)

This is really an unbelieveable list! It includes every toy manufacturer I can think of, nearly every retail outlet, toys and stuff for all age groups, hundreds of things I ACTUALLY HAVE IN MY HOUSE!

Which brings me to the next problem... Telling my three daughters they not only don't get toys this Christmas, but ALL the toys they have need to be thrown away. My ten year old is in tears right now with her head in my shoulder...

I need a dumpster...

Merry Christmas!


Georgia said...

Thanks Renee!

I haven't heard word one about the despot of toys (Mattel) having sent the poisonious paint to china. THE CREEPS!!! (may all their stockholders be blessed with a touch of lead poisoning!)

I'm following your lead (LEAD?) and not buying my grandsons any toys this year - I'll knit my arms off and make them scarves and hats again. At least I am SURE my yarn is lead-free!


As ever - - - you're ahead of the pack with GOOD INFORMATION!

Anonymous said...

Oh no - not Winnie the Pooh! These recalls are getting out of hand. I'm afraid that this is only the beginning and we're going to see alot more as we get into the Christmas time. I now go to www.leadtoyrecalls.com every day to make sure I have the latest news.

It's also got guidelines for toy safety and a list of safe lead-free made in USA toys and where to buy them.

teresa said...

We all need to simply STOP buying stuff made in China, at least as much as is humanly possible. It's not realistic to think you can get by without buying ANYTHING made in China these days, but when it comes to stuff for our kids there is the option of buying quality American-made toys and products. I've been googling and collecting links to some great American-made items, and have included over 100 on my website, www.toysmadeinamerica.com. Not just toys, but lots of other ideas as well. Please take a minute and check it out, and visit some of the mom-and-pop business still making their products here in America, providing jobs and producing quality products. Thanks for the post! Teresa

EatPlayLove said...

There are so many options to Chinese produced toys. Try the middle path, Rosie Hippo, Magic Cabin, Blueberry Forest or google european toys. Less is more, invest in quality things..