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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterbacks...

I'm getting really irritated with all of these former government officials trickling out months and years after it's an old issue how criminal the Bush Administration is... Who's next? Tony Snow? Condi (can't imagine the stories she has to tell...) after the 08 election? Rumsfeld?

All of them pulling cya's over the illegal, treasonous, reprehensible, anti-American, unconstitutional, crimes and misdemeanors of the Bush Administration by "coming clean" way after the damage is done.

The tell all books are now so numerous as to be laughable that anyone could read them all. Maybe some grad student out there will pull them all together into one book that chronicles and summarizes everything, but I bet the list of anti-Bush Admin titles is a book all by itself!

Someone should send that entire list to every member of Congress. Every member of Congress is complicit regardless of party at this point in the conspiracy to protect the President, Vice President and a long list of others from criminal prosecution.

They are traitors to their country as much as Benedict Arnold, Hiss, Judas, and any others who have turned their back on the American people in favor of the personal of themselves and their cronies.

And yet, to date, the only ones to speak up, do so on Monday morning. Never while still in office, never while their credibility is in tact, but after they are "disgruntled employees" who "quit" or were "fired" and are now lashing out (as the McClellan revelations were painted all night last night...).

What more does Congress need to file articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney? The argument by the talking heads last night was a bland discussion of "Well Cheney knew and deliberately lied, but did Bush lie deliberately or just because Cheney lied to him."

WHAT???? Let's review...

So you're telling me that the Vice President deliberately and willfully conspired to oust a heroic American who told the truth, by putting his wife's life in danger, dismantling a successful 30 year undercover anti-terrorism intelligence gathering program during the most dangerous terror threat ridden time in American history, and thereby putting the entire country's intelligence gathering ability in complete jeapardy, and then conspiring to cover it up!

He did so by either:

1. Telling the President what he was doing and getting the president to conspire to work with him.


2. Lying to the President and using his ignorance to hide the crimes.

I can't decide which of these offenses against the American people is more impeachable!

This is so stunning a revelation, we should be rioting in the streets tomorrow instead of watching football and arguing about it around the dining room table with family we disagree with generally and don't see often.

Dick Cheney must be impeached.

Congress should have immediately returned upon yesterday's news and opened an investigation.

THis hasn't and likely won't happen.

I doubt this cowardly Congress will do anything! They won't even bother to try to centure POTUS and VPOTUS because the centure procedures would be too damning and impeachment required.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'll be watching Brett Favre and my Packers win their division in the Thanksgiving Day rivalry game I first watched with my grandpa and dad at 8 years old. They sat me down between them and explained to me what was going on as a way to keep me from running in front of the tv. I'll never forget how special those two men made me feel that day and every time they replay this game on Thanksgiving, my love for football...

well, when the two most important and loving men in your chidlhood/life together sit down and introduce you to something like football...

with all the insanity in the world, tomorrow's game reminds me that I have something extra special to be thankful for...

1 comment:

Georgia said...

Ya think Dickless might have misunderstood his title (VICE president)? He does look - sound -and act like Darth Vader...

IMPEACH the entire Bu(ll)sh(it) cabinet... ALL OF THEM. They are a duplicitious cabal!