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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So Many Last Straws... but Kohl and Feingold Once Again Stand in History As Heroic Americans

As I lie in bed last night watching Keith Olbermann's Special Comment, a tear fell down my face.

Special Comment: On waterboarding and torture
Special Comment: On waterboarding and torture

He was able to crystallize what I have been thinking on the Mukasey/torture issue in a way that literally moved me to tears.

I was crying for my childhood when being an American was something to be proud of.

When being an American not only meant that we met standards of decency, but that we were the beacons of decency for the entire world.

We were better then than this president. The people of this great country still are...

But we are paralyzed with our anger now. Paralyzed in disbelief that it's really THIS bad. That these men who run our country are THAT evil.

Yes. I said EVIL. President Bush and his administration to me now epitomize the realities of true evil incarnate. I am deliberately using their language here. These are very scary people with very scary political philosophies.

These are men who torture.

  • These are men who shoot their friends in the face and elicit an apology from the victim.
  • These are men who refuse to provide healthcare for the weakest in our own country, our children, because it raises taxes on smokers (I'm a smoker, I'll pay the $1 a pack...).
  • These are men who argue that the presidency is above the law.
  • That the president and vice president are interchangeable powers in government.
  • That congress has no authority to interfere in the executive branch's business.
  • That the supreme court, in fact all courts, should be rubber stamps for their private agenda.
  • They argue that preemptive war is a protection mechanism and that the citizens of this country have no voice in their own government (how many times have you heard "I don't govern by opinion polls" a direct slap in the face to the will of the people).
  • They argue that no decision they make is wrong.
  • That their murderous criminals deserve leniency (ex. Libby-people died when Plame was outed) and that others only deserve the death penalty.
  • They argue that they have not only a right, but an obligation to abduct people, human beings, from anywhere in the world and spirit them away without trial to undisclosed locations around the world for as long as they want and torture them (rendition).
  • These men argue that they have a right to listen to and track all of our phone calls. We hav eno right to complain or even know. We have no right to sue the companies that broke the law and they have NO requirement to have a court even look at what they are doing. A progrm they started not in September of 2001, but in FEBRUARY 2001. Less than a month after they took office and seven months before four planes took off on 9-11-01. They claim this makes us safer, but if they started it 7 months before 9-11, how does it keep us safer?
  • They even say they can wage endless war without congressional oversight or even explicit approval.
  • They claim science is what they say it is.
  • They say that women are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions about their reproductive lives.
  • They say they have a right to polute the world we live in, take down the trees that produce our oxygen, and drill for oil anywhere they damn please.
  • They say corporations should have no oversight and the weathiest in our country have no obligation to pay their fair share of taxes.
  • They lie about financial reports and change the way they are compiled.
  • They remove long published documents from official government websites because they disprove what they say the "truth" is.
  • They tell us to refinance and spend spend spend and then shrug their shoulders and tell us we should have read the fineprint so it's our own faults we are losing our homes.
  • They turn their heads and say, oh well, when an unstable nuclear enabled Pakistani president suspends their constitution, arrests the supreme court and the attorneys and the opposition and shuts down the media nationwide. As if this is not a concern at all on their radar. As if this isn't totally, absolutely and completely the antithesis of all the reasons they told us they were going into the middle east. Not that they would ever tell the truth about that or ever have...
  • These are the same people who refused to help American citizens on rooftops in New Orleans and refuse to offer to help Mexicans on rooftops right now.
  • They speak to us like children. Repeating talking points, simple phrases, lies and distortions, double speak...
  • The same people who have built a fence reminicent of the Berlin Wall along one border with brown people on the other side and could care less about the other border with white people on the other side.
  • The same people who are raping any money they can out of our government and mortgaging it to China to do so in some insane effort to make themselves and their friends as rich as possible. As if wealth concentrated in the hands of a few ever stopped a revolution...
  • I haven't even touched the surface of the insanity they have inflicted on us, the world and our Constitution...
  • Either deliberately or through sheer and utter incompetence these people are responsible for not protecting us or our country on 9-11. Neither is an excuse. Neither is acceptable. Neither is forgiveable. Incompetence, the worst of the two options, seems more likely now that we've seen them in action for so long...
  • They have a bill in congress to end presidential term limits.
In other words, they have the nerve to publicly and openly claim an "Imperial Presidency"... if the definition of "imperial" is "of, relating to, befitting, or suggestive of an empire or an emperor". Then there is NO SUCH THING as an "imperial presidency". This is an oxymoron at it's core.

What they are really saying is that they want to create a "Totalitarian Fascist Dictatorship" in the United States of America.

After listening to Keith's Special Comment last night. It finally hit me why the Democrats have rolled over and died (not Feingold and Kohl though -- American Heroes and True Patriots)...

This administration. ALL of them. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowicz, Gonzales, Powell, Tenet, Rove the list is really extensive both in and out of office, but the crimes remain unaccounted for... Most especially and most horribly, George W. Bush. ALL of them are traitors. They are ALL guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. They should ALL be brought up before the international courts as war criminals. They ALL belong in prison for life.

They all took an oath on a Bible to uphold the Constitution. They all not only broke that oath. They have put the "god damn piece of paper" (Bush's words...) in the trash.

Democrats will only go so far because all roads lead to one place: The Presidency.

They do not WANT to impeach this president (although several voted to impeach Clinton over a blow job). As such, they CANNOT take any of these investigations to their logical conclusions. To do so always leads them to one place...

They must impeach the entire administration.

They do not WANT to.

It's really that simple.

They know the crimes. They know the implications of them.

They know what the outcome could potentially be... They could lose the presidency in 2008.

I bought into that until Olbermann last night. Then it hit me.

I don't care who wins in 2008. If these criminals are allowed to go until the next election, the damage they could continue to do is so vast (war in Iran, Pakistan, more of all of the above, the financial ruin of the largest nation in the world...). Even more horrifying to me is that if THIS congress does not impeach and do so nearly unanimously, the America I was taught about, the land of the free and home of the brave, the one we fought a revolution to establish (to get out of IMPERIAL rule), the one we pledge allegiance to, the America we think we live in, the America of the Constitution, laws, fairness, immigrants yearning to be free...

That America can now ONLY exist if this congress files articles of impeachment.

That's why I cried last night during Olbermann's Special Comment. He is right. He is more right than most Americans will ever bring themselves to believe.

And Congress... the one we elected to provide something called "checks and balances" to this dictator who has stolen and warped our presidency. Stands by and watches. Rubber stamps. Does not even attempt to stop this madness.

All for fear of losing the people in an ugly impeachment battle. Losing the rhetorical war that would ensue.

The bitter irony is that all they need to do is present the evidence they have and the people will be enraged...

The bitter irony is that they ALLOW a traitor and war criminal to bully them in congress...

The bitter irony is that they may LOSE the presidency in 2008 if they continue to do nothing or even worse, enable...

My last straw has fallen.

I am now personally, seriously and urgently calling for the impeachment of First Dick Cheney, Second George W. Bush and finally his entire past and present cabinets.

Are there any heroes left in the House of Representatives to file the articles?

Webster definitions:
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ΕΡΜΕΣ said...


And you know they are itching to attack Iran, to instigate WWIII, which will end in the Rapture (aka nuclear holocaust). But the thing is, well, read this.

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure the vote was heroic. Frankly, its a win - win vote, they please those fed up with torture on the one end, and don't rock the boat with the national security vote on the other.

What will be telling if if their no vote in committee will translate as a no vote in the full house.

There is really no good vote here. If this problematic AG doesn't get the nod, Bush will make an emergency appointment of someone more to his line of thinking, someone who'd never get approved by the full Senate.

Georgia said...

I'm all for this method of questioning - - IF (big if) they test the method on George W. Bush and Dick (less) Cheney. Before the full house and senate... with plenty of media and cameras.

If they are willing to have the EXACT methods of 'the humanely planned' waterboarding tested on themselves - - well perhaps if it's good enough to test in front of the entire viewing public.............

It's still torture damnit - and although I'd love to think W and Dickless would have to endure the interrogation methods they are tacitly approving be used against OUR BOYS - torture is torture.

they are all jerks

in politics - as in nature - SCUM FLOATS TO THE TOP