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Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Riddance 2007!

I've had a tough 2007 and I'm looking forward to a much improved 2008.

My best count is that I've been to at least 15 funerals this year, and another 6 I regretfully missed, including my mother in law whom I loved dearly and will miss the remainder of my life. I've also lost a baby niece this year. The pain of that weighs heavily on our entire family may she rest in peace... and her very short time with us give us strength.

I've suffered my own difficult illnesses, too numerous to mention. I am though feeling better. My husband has struggled his own illnesses.

My own mother has leukemia and is currently undergoing experimental chemo. Lack of disability and sick pay at work has forced my entire family of five to move into my parent's home to help fill in the difference in pay while she's getting treatments and forced my 76 year old retired father to consider going back to work. Thank goodness we all love each other dearly and the move has been smooth and actually really wonderful bringing us together in ways we hadn't imagined and my children are thrilled to be with grandma and grandpa every day. My parents are lovely, warm and their home, our home is welcoming, large enough for us all, and comfortable, so with a sense of humor and a lot of hard work from us all (laundry and dishes for 7 people daily is pretty daunting LOL!), we are adjusting well.

Politically, it seems that all my worst fears and paranoias about a Bush presidency have been not only fulfilled, but exceeded... And to top it off, the Dems can't seem to get it together to read and follow the constitution as a group. It irritates me to no end and the "oh whoa is me" attitude has got to stop.

What they don't get is that the reason they lost power in the 80's in the first place and haven't been able to regain it until now is that they are considered weak and undiciplined... Acting weak and undiciplined out of fear of losing the presidency in 2008 reenforces the stereotype and will ultimately end in the loss of the presidency in 2008. WAKE UP DUDES!!!
More soldiers died in 2007 than in any other year of the Iraq War, but somehow things are "improving"??? My heart bleeds for each and every soldier and their families. Their deaths are unnecessary...

I do have wonderful things to be thankful for, a job I adore, friends who are loyal and loving, a family I could not live without, healthy and happy children, but the pain, sadness and friends/family I've lost in 2007 make this the first new years eve where I can ever remember saying "Good Riddance" to the past year without regret and looking forward to the hope for a significantly better New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.

Rest in peace good friends/family we have lost along the way. I, we will miss you tremendously!

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