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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Milwaukee Media Needs to Get Off it's Touche!

It has been several years maybe even over a decade since I've seen local Milwaukee candidates covered on the evening news.

In 2004 it was dismal, in 2006 completely non-existant coverage of BOTH parties, ALL candidates!

No wonder Milwaukeeans have no idea who's running in what races let alone what they stand for and are promising to do.

Just in case you were wondering, there is an Aldermanic race in Milwaukee in nearly every district. Women are running in nearly every district for the all male common council citywide!

In one district there are 12 candidates declared to date! In another 6 and one is in jail but still managing to have fundraisers for his campaign! How exciting is that news? No stations have covered it at all. You wouldn't even know if the blogosphere didn't run on it.

Oh yeah, then there's the Northshore of Milwaukee.

An Assemblyman is set to take out a Republican woman and no one's made a mention of it! Wasserman with his 7,000+ doors knocked to date and counting, vs washed up incumbant Darling is set to be one of the most exciting battles the northshore has seen in decades, but apparently that's not news. Neither is the candidacy of Sandy Pasch a totally cool woman running to take Wasserman's place in the Assembly.

Have you even heard word one about Taylor's and Walker's races? NOTHING on the news. It's as if they don't have any events and are holed up in their offices every night on the phone? Well often I'm sure they are, but both are out at events regularly and never a mention of it in the media.

Anyone know about the grassroots campaign to take out Paul Ryan in the 1st CD? Her name's Paulette Garin and watch out she's working really hard down there! It's happening on the ground. Never a peep in the local media.

What is the point of local media if instead of covering local stories, all they run is feeds of the presidential primary insanity every night???

Why can't they put some cameras on the ground and cover what's happening in politics around here?

Can you think of any reason they exist at all???

I'm disgusted and irritated and by the way... I heard there was one other pretty important local race in Wisconsin...

Isn't a WI Supreme Court Justice up for reelection? Yeah, his name is Louis Butler and he's totally amazing, not like the media has noticed that there's a race at all...


Michael P said...

Can you think of any reason they exist at all???

Of course I can! Somewhere in my kitchen (or basement or garage) there is a household product that I use every day (or often enough) and it just may kill me (or harm or maim me) -- And I need THEM to tell me what it is!

No to mention that my local workplace soda machine cheated me out of 25 cents and I'm trying to get Contact 6 and 4 On Your Side to put some pressure on that elusive vendor!

Anonymous said...

Check out Marge Krupp, FULL TIME candidate for Congress vs. Paul Ryan. www.kruppforcongress.org